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Girls, envy, and ear streching at home.

y name is Zak i live in Virgina Beach, Virginia. Well i know what your thinkin' , ohhh the beach that sounds like fun!. Well its not,if your like me you want to be able to dress like you would like and act like that too in your place if residence. Well in virginia beach you cant. Anyway i was at a Guttermouth/nobodys show on monday night, August 23rd. I was with a friend of mine named Nicole. Nicole and i always tease each other back and forth about one thing or another, and in between two of the bands we were talking and Nicole made a remark about how my earings(i have 2 holes in my left ear. I did them both myself and have had them for about 3 years)were very wussy. I took a look at Nicole's ears, she had atleast 2 sets of holes and her cartilage was also peirced. Her earings were somewhat bigger than mine and i could see what she was referring to. Her earings were deffinatly bigger than my standard size piercings and i dont mind saying that they were very atractive on her. I didnt think much aboutwhat she said, but took the comment all in good humor and i didnt think any more about it.

The next night i was talking to a friend and i was thinking about Nicole's ears and how much i had liked the way that her streched ears looked. I remembered a friend of mine who also happend to be a girl that had told me that she had streched her ears by herself as well. Then i decided to look on the internet about how to strech my ears at home. After some refined searches, i found BME. I decided at first to look at peoples ears and whatnot, so i looked at all these kids who had these huge holes in their heads and i decided i wanted to do that. Well then i read a few assorted stories and relations of other peoples experiances. I decided that i could do this easily and at home. So i was off scouring my house for something that wasnt too big but not too small to put in my ear. Well i had read that someone had used a piece of the tube that was the ink chamber on a pen, so i tried that first and it was a tad bit too big to jump from my standard ear piercing to. So somewhat downhearted i kept looking. Later i got the idea to cut the ends off of a Q-tip and try that, so i found the only two Q-tips in the house and grabbed the alcohol and was on my way to streched ears. I drop'd the cut Q-tip in the cap-full of alcohol and then i washed my hands and made sure to clean them with the alcohol. Then it was time so i started the pain and began pushing the Q-tip in very slowly. Well after about 10 minuts i decided that this was gonna take a while, so i got comfortable and went back to pushing the Q-tip through. I had had some trouble with my ear before with just my earing because i think it was pierced a tad crooked, so i thought that mabye that had something to do with my trouble. I thought that if i could just get the Q-tip in the back of my ear i would be in good shape. I tried to get a mirror to see the back of my ear, but that didnt work so i began to just feel around to find the hole. I eventually found it and started pushing, i got the Q-tip in a little bit, but i couldnt get it all the way through no matter how much twisting and turning i used. So then i decided to file down the Q-tip as to make for an easier entrance and exit from one side of my ear to the other. After i filed it down i went for the Q-tip again, this time i could feel the tip through the back of my ear. With new confidence i pushed as hard as i could and eventually got the Q-tip in my ear. I was so amped about having the streched out ear i couldnt stand it. i couldnt wait to show Nicole that i had just taken the first step to getting rid of atleast one of my "wussy earings". The pain wasnt too bad, and i dont have any idea what gauage it is or whatever. But i was really amped about the situation and would say to anyone thinkin of streching their ear to go for it! thanks alot -Zak-

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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