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"Look honey! She's got glass in her ears!"

so i have a couple friends who do piercings in Fort Wayne, where i live, and i could shamelessly advertise them here MarkWintersWildman'sBodyPiercing but i won't because I'm going to tell you about my inner conch piercings. The first time i ever saw an inner conch pierced i thought it was a joke. I mean, who is that crazy? I was about 15 and at that time you just did NOT see anything like that in good old Indiana. But a friend of mine went somewhere and got it done and i was in LOVE. This kid got a 6ga from the get-go. OW? But i was determined, i would have a hole that big on the inside of my ear and everyone can go to hell. So when i was about 20 i went to see my friends and they had these nice blue niobium rings with some white beads and i knew they were for my conches. They just WERE, okay? And i had to get them both done because I'm all about being symmetrical. I just think it looks nicer. Apart from the conch piercings i have had 20 piercings altogether but of all those i have kept my tongue, labret, nipples and navel. The other ones just didn't do it for me and kind of got in the way. So anyway i kind of freaked out for a little bit beforehand, i sat there and sweated and about broke Mark's hand while he was piercing them but in the end i came out like a champion (of course). Despite the fact that my ears were positively SCREAMING, not just ringing, i took my happy ass home and showed them off to anybody who would even glance at me. Yeah, I'm an annoying brat. So after about a year i wasn't as impressed with them anymore. I have no desire to stretch my earlobes because that isn't pretty to me. I had only stretched my tongue to a 4ga but that was cake, it pretty much stretched itself. So i saw some purple titanium captive bead rings, 10ga, and said, "hook it up!" Since i had waited a year it didn't hurt at all. I was bald and i looked like a pirate. I loved it. Then after that came the 10ga green barbells, where i was perpetually told i had a bug in my ear. Most of you guys know that when people say stuff like that it's only funny the first time. I just always thought, you know, LOOK at this "bug", it goes all the way through my ear. I will KILL you if you keep it up, you fat straight white guy from Indiana. So after two years i felt like i could be a warrior and have some plugs in there. Just 8ga lucite plugs. I'd never had plugs in anything before so i was really excited. Went to see my friend, stretched them, didn't hurt a bit. They actually felt BETTER than they did for some reason. I've heard other people say the same thing too. I don't know why but they did. So now i have plugs in my inner conches. Besides my labret, which i don't always wear, they are the only visible piercings on my body. And they are really subtle too, that's my favorite part. Most people don't even notice them. But when they do they don't believe it's real. My most recent favorite thing anyone said is what i titled this piece. A couple came in to my place of employment and the woman said to the man, in a way only someone from Indiana could say it, "Look honey! She's got glass in her ears!" And didn't talk to me for the rest of the time they were there. Classic. But the "glass" is actually my next plan, some hand blown Pyrex plugs. One of my friends blows glass but he hates my ears like that so he won't make them for me. I want to go up to 6, maybe even 4ga and stay there for a while. I personally think the Pyrex plugs are beautiful, they're not what you usually see and they'd be even more unusual than the lucite. So if any of you guys reading this have any suggestions on where to get myself some of those bad boys feel free to email me. Or hell just email me anyway. I'm a nice little white girl from Indiana with a spike in my chin. I like friends. As far as any residual complications with the conch piercings, there aren't any. Once i hooked up on the plugs i can sleep just fine on them for the most part. With the rings i did get keloids and funk daddies on them but only for about 8 weeks, but sea salts did the trick. Hot water and sea salt is the magical cure for piercing ailment in my opinion. I also used a tea tree antiseptic ointment i found at the health food store that worked wonders. I would definitely recommend this piercing for anyone with the patience to heal it out because it can be difficult. If they had been my first piercings there is no way the'yd still be in my ears. But good luck and thanks for reading my story.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Mark+Winters
Studio: Future+Tribe+%28now+Wildman%27s%29
Location: Fort+Wayne%2C+IN

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