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6th time being pierced , 2nd tragus

wanted my right tragus pierced since the day after I got my left one done . I thought about it and thought about it . . . but for some reason it was always bumped down in my priorites for tattoos , trips to Baja , and general wasting of money . So after talking mad shit consistently for 2 weeks about going to get it pierced , the day arrived . I had the time , the cash , and the guts . I needed the guts because I knew this piercing was going to hurt . I got my left tragus done in late April and sometimes it ' s still a little bit tender so I had to take in account the uncomfortableness ( is that a word ? ) that I was going to have to deal with . I cruised into Dr . Jefe ' s (the local piercing shop , about 3 blocks from my house . . . almost too convenient ! )at about 6 pm on August 17 th . I had been in many times since it opened about some years back - getting my left tragus pierced and my labret done . . . and redone . Not to mention the various trips for new jewelry and to check the hotties that work there. Ha . Anyway , I picked out my barbell (16g 5/8" to match the other one) , paid , chatted , and was told to come back in a half hour because the barbell needed its trip to the autoclave . I went home for a little bit trying not to get too nervous . My neighbors were all kicking it smoking bong hits - dammit ! I always smoke these kids out and now I can ' t smoke their shit . I was afraid I ' d get all sketchy and paranoid and maybe pass out or some shit ( even though I ' d never had that problem before ) so I just tried to relax and think punk rock thoughts . Whatever those are . I rode my bike back to the shop at about 630. For some reason I was super anxious about this piercing . All previous experiences had been wham , bam , thank you mam without a second thought . But this time it was different . I don ' t know why . Anyway , I had to wait a few minutes since the jewelry wasn ' t done yet , so I sat and read about the local shows coming up in some of those great free periodicals . I also checked out the funny t - shirts they have . I was tempted to buy a tank top that says GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME but alas , I didn 't . My browsing was cut short by Jeff ( Dr . Jefe ) when he called me in - it was time . We shot the shit for a little bit while he made sure I remembered how to clean my piercing , checked out my left ear to match the placing on my right , and basically just got everything in order . He told me to lie back and then he said he was gonna pierce me from the inside out . I thought that was a little odd since it didn ' t seem like that was how my first once was done . Now that I think about it - that ' s kind of the only way it makes sense , otherwise wouldn ' t the needle go through the back of my ear ? And I was only in for one piercing . . . But I digress . Jeff got my breathing in check and one , two , three the needle was through . It hurt . A lot . I could feel the cartilage being manipulated and the blood trickling into my ear . And then he said , " Shit , I pulled the needle out too soon . Hold on . . . " He kept making sure I was OK and getting me to breathe while he fucked around w / whatever it was he needed . After about what felt like 3 minutes ( but was probably like 45 seconds ) of him fiddling around and me trying not to piss my pants he got everything done . It took a little longer than normal , with a lot more pain than I had remembered but when I was finally all screwed together and ready to check out my new toy I forgot about the ouch factor . I got up and walked over to the mirror , not even really expecting myself to react much since it was identical to something I already had done . But lo and behold - I loved it ! I looked like I had these little antenna thingies and they cracked me up . I felt more complete and balanced with both tragus (tragi ?) done . Anyway , Jeff apologized profusely again for the additional time and pain and hooked me up w / a discount for next time around . The card says V.I.P.P. Very Important Pierced Person ? Who knows . I went home and got ready to go out admiring my new found equilibrium every chance I got . Yay ! It ' s just one day later now but it ' s not swollen at all and doesn't hurt - except when I forget it ' s there and answer the phone really quick ! Anyway , I ' m way stoked and already thinking about what should be next . I think I want my scrumper done but I can ' t say for sure yet . Until then . . . Rock N Roll -THE CROTCH-

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Jeff+%28+Dr+.+Jefe+Himself+%29
Studio: Dr+.+Jefe+%27+s
Location: Ocean+Beach+%28+San+Diego+%2C+CA+%29

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