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Pierced lobes at THREE YEARS OLD!!!

ad the subject heading correctly--yes, I got my lobes pierced when I was a wee three years old! It's funny, there's only a small handful of experiences from your early childhood that you can remember vividly...but this is most certainly one of them! So I apologize if the experience is a little foggy at parts...but I'll do my best! It all started when my Great-Aunt Margie had a Rosh Hashanah dinner in her roomy apartment. My entire extended family on my dad's side was there. Now, my cousin Howard--or is it second cousin?--was in possesion of an ear gun, and a box of piercing studs. So, whenever we have a family get-together, Cousin Howie always pulls out the gun and pierces almost everyone in the room. It's a great family-bonding experience. First, he pierced my one of my grandpa's ears with a little gold ball stud. I remember watching it with huge eyes; I had never seen anything like that before! Well, I was in for an even bigger surprise. "Honey, pick out some earrings that you like!" urged my mom. I sifted through the box. I encountered gold and silver pieces; beads, gems, and various novelty shapes. I picked out a pair of gold heart-shaped earrings and a pair of "diamond" (rhinestone)studs. I was about to select the hearts, but I heard all of the women saying "Get the diamonds! Get the diamonds!" so I did, and I gave them to Howie. He made a little dot on each lobe with a Sharpie marker where he was about to pierce. Then, he produced an orange flavored tootsie pop and gave it to my dad. My dad held it up to the ball of his nose. I reached for it, but my dad said,"No, not yet! You can have it after." "Look at Daddy's nose! Look at the tootsie pop!" said Howard. My dad urged the same. Then, POP! he pierced my ear. I wailed loudly and started to cry. My family had to convince me to go through with the other one. Finally, I let him pierce it. Subsequently, I ran into my dad's arms, crying hysterically. After I got over the initial shock, my dad gave me the tootsie pop, which I ate with gusto. But when I looked in the mirror, I felt that the ordeal was way worth it. And all of my three-year-old friends thought that I was a real bad-ass. My mom showed me how to clean it for the next couple of weeks or so. I used rubbing alcohol--or was it hydrogen peroxide? well, it was one of those--on a Q-tip. I swabbed the area surrounding the piercing, or sometimes my mom or grandma did it for me, and rotated the stud a couple times. My mom gave me stern instructions not to take it out for six weeks. When the time came, my collection of cheap dangly earrings grew by leaps and bounds! Well, that's my story. Currently, I have two eyebrow rings, a toungue ring, both nipples pierced, and a tattoo. And I'm only 15! I wonder if my parents knew what they started at the time. Throughout the years, I have seen more and more of my relatives pierced by my cousin Howard, from infants to elders, from first to second to third, and even fourth holes. I probably have the least regard for tradition of anyone I know. But, this is one that I can certainly deal with! [email protected]

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: my+cousin+Howard
Studio: at+my+Aunt+Margie%27s+house
Location: one+of+those+New+Jersey+apartments+where+old+people+live

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