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Hooked on Piercing

it all started six years ago when I was a senior in high school. I made a deal with my mother that if I got certain grades that I could get my ear pierced. I made the grades and I was soon on my way to the closest mall to get my first earring (I didn’t know then the things I know now or I would have found a good piercer.) I lived in small town and even thought it was 1993 I had never really heard of body piercing. Anyway… time went on and I graduated high school that spring and for graduation my girlfriend at the time bought us matching diamond studs. So, again it was off to the mall for hole two in my left ear. I was still under the confines of “Left is right, Right is wrong” like I said it was a small town. Off to college I went. I was hooked. I was beginning to plan more earrings. Of course I still didn’t know anything about the piercings available. I was still operating on the notion of common lobe piercing. My roommate second semester my freshman year wanted to get his ear done so I said “ Me too! Let’s go! “ And again off to the mall we went. So that’s hole three in my left ear. I was beginning to feel lopsided. I wanted to get my right ear done, but I knew I still had to go home to relatives that didn’t understand. Mainly uncles that know how to give crap good ! So I held out and then finally decided about a year later that I didn’t care what they thought. I was decided, but then I told my girlfriend at the time and she flipped. (same girl as in high school) I didn’t want to make an issue of it and let it rest. In the mean time I had also decided that I wanted to get the cartilage in my left right ear done also. A year later we broke up and I went to work first was the lobe then the cartilage. Both done at the local mall. One day while sitting in my intro. to business class I decided to get my nipple pierced. I stopped at Splash of Color II on my way home with the intention of getting it done right then and there, but they informed me that I would have to make an appointment and come back later. So, I did. It hurt and never really healed correctly finally I had to take it out. I cleaned off the ring good and put it in my cartilage hole. A year or so passed and the feeling came again. I had wanted to get my nipple re pierced, but wasn’t so sure. My girlfriend was kind of against considering what I had gone through previously. ( All my own fault by the way ) I agreed and put the thought away. One day I saw a girl on campus with her tragus pierced and thought it look cool, but I looked and looked couldn’t find a guy with one. Hell, I didn’t even know what it was called. Which lead me here to BME. I found this site and started looking at pics and reading stories. I decided that’s what I wanted. I went and made another appointment with April at Splash II. Nicole (my girlfriend ) and I went to get it done. She was a bit worried, but I assured her that the place was like a doctor’s office and that these people knew what they were doing. I hadn’t been there in a year and things were even more hospital like than the last time I was there. Nicole was impressed and came in to watch. April explained every thing she was doing and change her gloves about 10 times. A little pressure, A little pain and it was in. Nicole and I both love the way it looks. I thought I might have to take out my beautiful new piercing when I was taking a class that involved being in our college’s metal shop. They don’t allow earrings of any sort. This was only about 2 to month after I had it done. My prof. was on my case from day one. After a month I decided I would try taking it out before class and putting it in as soon as I got home. It was still healing and the tough time I had getting it out and back in again put me back to day one. I also got a nice infection for my efforts. Then , I found away around it. It was winter and I just put on a stocking cap. There was nothing in the rules against that. Then came spring and I started to notice that other guys we’re taking out their earrings and no one said anything to them. So off came the hat. Then one day towards then end of the semester one of the guys from class asked about the tragus ring and asked if they made me take it out. I explained the situation. It seems that he had taken his out after the first day of class no questions asked. He had had his done around the same time and it had healed up. I guess you have to stick up for what you want!!!! I am now planning more piercings and we'll see what happens. As the year 2000 approches I wonder what the future holds for all the pierced people of the nineties. With the sixties they said if yo can remember them you weren't really there. What will we say about ourselves. If you don't have a body peircing you weren't really here? Hey, sounds good to me! Let me know what you think!!!!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: April
Studio: Splash+of+Color+II
Location: East+Lansing%2C+MI

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