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Higher My Conchesness

e start of by saying that anybody that is into piercing by culture, style, beauty, or aestetic, think long and hard before you get your conches pierced or streched because it is very intense. Ive have to say it is the most painfull or close to the painfullest piercing out there. I started asking a lot of people I saw on the street, some friends,and also reading bme articles. I was really thinking why do I want it and also if I want it forever. Ive decided one day that it's something I would love to have for the rest of my life. It's a way of honoring the indegenous tribes of the past and present. It's a disipline for how much I could take. And also because of it's beauty that the pain was not the factor. I heard from a lot of people that it was the fucking worst. They said get ready. Piercers faces open up when you talk about conch piercings. My story might seem like it's exagerated but to my honesty it was the worst. Well with that note , my story starts here. I went to by far, one of the best piercing shops in the bay area called Sinyow, Gottsi. A lot of my friends' piercings always come out perfect and I always hear real good things about the shop. I decided to go there when it opened. I talked to the owner and head piercer of the shop Alan for a while since he was a really nice guy to talk to. I told him that I was ready to get me conches pierced and stetched to a 2ga today. Alan went over the aftercare and then he got everything ready and told me to go to the piercing room. At this point I was real calm. And my breathing exercises was getting me euphoric. I couldn't help to look at how big the needle was and the taper. Alan told me to start breathing and he was about to start the procedure. After about my thire exhale or second exhale Alan pushed the 4ga needle through my conch. I was breathing so hard. My ear felt like a dog bit through my conches. Since, also the conch is so close to my eardrum I could hear my cartiilage rip. Alan asked me if I was ok I said yes. Then he asked if I was ready for the stretch I said yes. I started breathing then Alan pushed the 2ga taper in. OUch!!!!!!! This hurt more than the needle and again I heard my cartilage rip but even louder. I looked at Alan and I knew he knew how much pain I was feeling. He let me rest for a minute or two. At this point my ear is throbing. Feels like my ear is about to pop. Alan asked if I was ready for the next ear. I started breathing again and Alan was ready to go. He pushes again with a 4ga needle then stretches with a 2ga taper. Alan puts the o rings in back of the eyelets and Alan sys the procedure is done. He told me I could lay on the Procedure seat for a while tiill I was able to get up. I got my concious back together and stood up. Alan reminded me how to care for the fresh piercing and to be careful getting homw since he could tell that I was feeling like I was in another world. That night I couldn't sleep because I sleep side ways and every which way I turn It would hurt so much. And also the fact that my ears were throbbing like crazy. The next day I woke up very tired with a lack of sleep and still my ears throbbing. I didn't want to look in the mirror since it hurts even more when I see how bloody red my ears our. But the piercings did look both beautifull. I awlredy couldn't wait on what jewelry I was going to put inside. After 3days of feeling weak,tired,no energy, and 2 weeks without insufficient sleep. My ears were healing up. It's been about 9 months and let me tell you guys I love my conch piercings with the proudest honor but.I havent really gotten any jewelry yet because I feel I need to strech it a little bigger I'm probbably going to strech it a few more times maybe to 11/16 or 1/2 an inch. I just have the jitters for the stretch but I will build my self to it like how I build myself to get my conches in the first place. I haven't forgotten what pain and agony I went through to get them. So anybody outhere wanting to get a conch piercing BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COSMOS [email protected]

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Alan
Studio: Gottsi
Location: Berkely%2C+California

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