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I BLAME the VET entirely! (Tragus, Logarth, Eyebrow)

RST PIERCE (EYEBROW)/b As I was discussing a holistic approach to controlling Jacob's (my gorgeous cocker spaniel) terribly frequent seizures (probably brain tumour related [pout]) with the vet, I couldn't help but fixate on the silver hoop adorning her 'brow. I'd first seen one six years previous and had considered getting it done back then but never gave it much serious thought. As my poor pooch's condition worsened, I found myself visiting the vet almost weekly. This was enough to push me over the edge... I NEEDED A PIECE OF METAL BARBARICALLY INSERTED THROUGH MY EYEBROW TOO! I briefly discussed it with my parents, they both firmly said "no", so I called Way-Cool Tattoo to find out if an appointment was necessary or not. It wasn't. I made my way down there the following day and on the way, stopped to admire all the topless women marching in the "Dyke" parade, thinking to myself, if my breasts were as nice as theirs, I'd certainly adorn them with a nipple rings. I eventually got to Way-Cool, paid the $45 (Cdn) and waited until Amber was ready for me. To cut a long story a wee bit shorter, I got pierced. Didn't hurt - was more like a quick pinch. I walked down Yonge Street with an ear-to-ear grin. Damn, was I impressed with myself. My parents were mortified. Carolyn (the vet) liked it, and told me it would look even better when it settled. bLOGARTH/b Six weeks after the 'brow experience I figured my parents were due for another visual assault. I decided on my logarth (aka. helix) because I thought the location would rock! At that time I'd never seen that part pierced before. I went back to Way-Cool, plonked my money down on the counter and pointed to what I wanted done. I then proceeded upstairs with Stefan to the little yellow piercing room. As we went up the stairs I made a critical error: when he inquired as to which ear I wanted it on, my directionally challenged brain thought "right" but my big mouth blurted out "left". Nope, I didn't even notice something wasn't quite right as I followed his instructions to tilt my head to the WRONG side. Not even as he stabbed the needle through did I realize. Oh well, I guess it's no biggie! This one hurt coz Stefan slid the needle in so damn slowly. The actual intensity of pain wasn't all that bad, it was just on-going. Didn't feel him put the 16g ring in though. After all was done, Stefan revealed that this was his first ever logarth piercing and that he thought it looked awesome, and would look even better with a barbell in it. (I'm still keeping that in mind). I made my way home on the subway, looking forward to going home to my room to admire my new perforation. Problem was when I got home, my parents had company and that to get to my room I'd have to walk passed them all. Had I walked in drawing no attention to it, I might have gotten away with it (well, for a day or so, anyway), but stupidly I decided to walk sideways so they wouldn't spot it. My dad caught on, ordered me to turn around, saw the ring and gave me hell. My Mom gave me the silent treatment. Sartre, my new kitten, climbed on my shoulder, gripped his sharp teeth around the ring and tugged at it. I much prefered my Mom's reaction.bTRAGUS/b I decided to recycle my CBR from my 'brow (now adorned by a little SS barbell) for my tragus. I had to wait over half an hour for this one coz it took ages to 'treat' the ring in the autoclave. When it was ready, I went upstairs with Stefan and was bloody careful to instruct him as to the correct ear (the right) this time. He didn't recognize me but he was quick to recognize his work in my "wrong" (left) ear. This tragus piercing had been making me a little nervous due to the thickness of the cartilage in the area. Stefan examined the area and stated "damn, you've got a small tragus." At the time I took it as a compliment, since nothing on my body had ever been labelled SMALL before! He didn't actually give me any warning as he went to stab the needle through. Come to think of it, he didn't the time before either. That's ok though... the initial piercing of the flesh works well as a warning for what's to come. I'll admit it: this one hurt like a bugger, mainly coz it was so slow (just shows you what a perfectionist Stefan is!). It took about four shoves to get the needle through. Between each hard jab he inquired as to my status. My eyes were scrunched shut but I told him I was fine. I was certainly relieved when all was over, and no, I didn't hear any crunching noise! As he went to get the ring I felt a sort of cool trickle of thick stuff dribble down my ear canal. I called Stef over, he informed me it was blood and proceeded to clean it out. When the ring was in place I hopped down off the bed-type-thing and went to check it out in the mirror. I liked what I saw but thought that it could've done with a smaller diameter ring. Too late! By the way, all of this took place today. I just got back from dinner at a fancy restaurant. Mid-way through the meal I felt that "trickle" again. I rushed to the washroom to deal with it and in turn, grossed out a little girl in there as she washed he hands. When she returned to her table, she pointed me out to her parents who proceeded to stare and scowl at me. I just grinned at them, wishing I had got my tongue pierced as well coz this would be a prime opportunity to display it. bPIERCING CLEANING AND HEALING/b So far, I've found the most effective cleaning procedure consists of a soak of the piercing in warm, salt water. Then, to return it to the appropriate pH level to enable the fasted possible healing, flushing it with saline solution (NaCl) is good. Helps if your big bro is a paramedic coz he'll have bags of the stuff =P Nutrition wise, also make sure you take in a lot of vitamin C (orange juice, mangoes, papaya, kiwi) and especially if you're a vegetarian like myself, a zinc supplement will come in handy. Although a lot of the foods vegetarians eat are high in zinc (grains, nuts etc.), the zinc is no good since these foods are high in fibre, resulting in the zinc binding to the phytic acid in the fibre, and therefore bypassing absorbption. bFUTURE PIERCINGS/b I'm considering allowing Stefan to stab my rook soon but am put off a little because Carolyn recently got hers done (as well as the tragus), and matching piercings, especially since I'll hopefully be working at the vet as of september, would be really tacky. I told her I was interested in getting my tongue done, and since it sufficiently grossed her out, I just might go ahead with it. I'm also interested in getting a daith piercing. I'd better hop to it pretty damn soon just incase Carolyn's considering it too! bIN CLOSING:/b Love thy spaniel; compliment plus-sizd girls adorned with petite tragusses; keep Stefan in business; be conscious of what can trickle down into your ear canal; eat a nutritious diet to promote health and prompt healing; get your tongue pierced because you really want to, not coz your boyfriend is pressuring you into it wink wink.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Stefan
Studio: Way-Cool+Tattoo
Location: Toronto+%28Yonge+St.+branch%29

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