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first cartilage piercing

17 y/o male, from Toronto, ontario. On friday i got my first piercing done & I loved it! I had wanted to get a piercing for a while now, but pressure from some very tight friends & family stalled me for a while. despite being told how much of a "fag" i would look like, and how gay earrings were (please pity me because as you can see im surrounded by meat-heads) my urge to get this piercing couldnt be held back. I went to the tattoo & piercing studio that friends had recommended to me on friday morning. I was accompanied by my good friend Ashley, who was one of the few who thought it was going to look great. As i got closer i started to think that i should probably feel nervous... but i didnt. All i felt was excited that i was finally gonna get my ear pierced!! I got inside & i was immediately impressed by how clean and professional the place was. i hadn't been there before, but i had spoken to the piercer, and i knew people who assured me it was a good place. they were right. i was greeted & we talked about my piercing for a few minutes before signing all the papers etc. Then came the good part... we walked over to a medical table where he had me sit up on it, and watch him clean all the instruments. he was really thorough & he impressed me with everythign he did. then he marked my ear off where i wanted it. i wanted it just above the middle of my ear, on the cartilage. i looked in the mirror & told him he marked a good spot... then i sat back down on the bench & he explained to me everything he was going to do. all the time i was thinking that i should probably be nervous, but i wasnt at all, i just couldnt wait to have it done! he finally got ready to do the actual piercing. i sat up straight & i could feel him place the point of the needle on my ear. then he told me to take a deep breath. just as i started to breathe in i could feel it pierce through my cartilage. it hurt, but not badly... and by the time i had breathed in completely the pain was gone. I was so happy with it when i first saw it, regardless of what anybody else had said it would look like. speaking of those people, as soon as they saw it nobody was saying bad things anymore. They say "well done is better than well said", and i agree totally, those more ignorant and uninformed people who had made jokes & tried to stop me from having myself pierced were now telling me how much they liked it, so i will say from personal experience that a piercing is a personal thing, that will look good as long as the wearer thinks it looks good. its all in the eye of the beholder. ignore any of the idiots out there who might try to tell you not to do what you want to with your body, you'll only regret it if you listen to them. As for the finer details, i had the piercing done with a 16 guage, 316 surgical stainless steel, captive bead ring with a hematite bead (pretty standard). i decided to look very deeply into how this particular piercer did his piercings and i suggest you do the same! i have one friend who did not look into things at all, he had is ear done at a beauty salon, while on lunch at school. it was done with a silver stud (!) using a piercing gun(!!). in all honesty, i would do the piercing myself before i would have it done the way he did! And as far as the pain goes, mine really did not hurt at all. i suggest that anybody else out there who is worried about the pain should forget about it. if you really want the piercing then think of it this way, compare the time youre going to enjoy the piercing, to the time its going to hurt. in the worst case you'll hurt seriously for maximum 10 minutes after the initial piercing... and then thats the end (being that you take care of it properly). and you are going to be able to enjoy it for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!! The pain is definetly worth it... and in my opinion is a good thing, cos it kind of imprints into you that this is a defining experience... the pain helps to stop you from forgetting what the piercing was like. As for me... I am waiting for my piercing to heal.. and after only 3 days i can tell its coming along very well, and its goning to be healed ahead of schedule. I love my piercing and although its the first, i seriously doubt its going to be the last I just love it!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Studio: Immortal+Impressions
Location: Toronto

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