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My ear expirience

start things off, I first got my left ear pierced when I was 8 years old. I vaguely remember why I wanted it, I think I saw it on TV and liked it, or something like that. It was in 1991, and not many people had piercings (or any other types of BodMods) around here, not many do now either, so it took a while to talk my mom into signing for it and accepting it and all that stuff. I think the main problem was my grandparents, they are christian fundies and hate all pierced people..no offense to any religious people, so if yr parents do not go along w/ it, just keep bugging them...it worked for me. Eventually I got it done at the local mall place w/ a gun. I didn't feel a thing, and I got this really cheap gold stud. It was like $14 total (I remember stupid stuff). Yeah...I know, it's bad to get it done with a gun, but I was little and I didn't know better, and neither did my mom. After 2 months or so I got a keloid, and neither me nor my mom knew what it was, so I took it out, thinking it was infected. I let it heal, then about 5 months later I went and got it pierced again. This time it healed perfectly. Back then I had no idea it was possible to stretch earlobes, and I had never seen any other piercings.

Years passed and I started becoming really interested in Body Art, then I

found out about the BME website thanks to a friend. I began stretching when I was a sophomore is high school because I was looking at pictures on the BME and realized how much better the stretched lobes looked. At first I asked other people I saw w/ stretched lobes how they did it, and where to get the jewelry. They said they used tapers when stretching to bigger gauges (over 8ga) and for the smaller gauges they put some lube on it and shoved it through. I was expecting a lot of pain...and all of my friends said I would bleed a lot. I first stretched to a 16ga with no problems. I bought the jewelry at a local piercing shop. Then I waited about 2 months, and stretched to a 12ga. It was tight, but it went in without any problems. About a month later the earring wasn't tight at all, so I decided to get a 10ga and see if it would fit. It went in perfectly. By now plenty of people at my school noticed the bigger jewelry, and everyone labeled me as a weirdo. By this time it was February 1999, and I had no money. So instead of buying more jewelry, I just waited 2 months and put the 10ga and 12ga in at the same time (hurt a lil bit). People from skool REALLY looked at me funny when I did that...haha. Lish from RAB was nice enough to give me charts showing gauge measurements and such, so I could figure out that a 12ga and 10ga were equal to 5ga or 6ga. So then I went to the piercing studio and bought a 5ga plug. I had to push kind of hard to get it to go in, but I didn't bleed or anything, woo hoo! After 3 months I decided to get a 2ga plug. That went in fine also and I wore it for a month, and got sick of the thumb tack look...it looked exactly like a black thumb tack, plus shampoo seemed to stick to the O-rings...I couldn't stand it. So I saved $20 and got a blue plug, it's the kind w/ the center filled in and the rest is stainless steel. I plan to go up to a 00ga at the most, but I might go higher, I'm not sure yet.

I also got my right ear done recently, and it's at a 10ga now. I might as

well tell you about that while I'm at it...I did it myself. I used some ice, a lighter, and a sewing needle. I heated up the needle so it would get cleaner than it was, I know it wasn't sterilized, but it's my ear, and my decision...so there I was, stupid me w/ a sewing needle thru my ear (didn't hurt), then I used a taper to stretch a little bit each day. And in 2 days I could fit the 12ga in it. Then about 2 weeks later I put a 10ga CBR in it. It's not infected, and not even red, it's a lot better than my other piercing was, it's amazing that I can still remember that. I still try not to touch it, unless I'm cleaning it. I use Dial soap for it and some topical cream to prevent infections, I think it may help heal it quicker too, I'm not sure. It was healing fine and had no scabs, but it got pulled and ripped it open a little bit, it didn't hurt normally, but when I slept on it, it hurt like hell. I will probably just take that one up to a 8ga in a couple months, I don't want both of my ears to be identical in size, as odd as it sounds. I think when I go back to school everyone is going to call me gay...oh well. I'm also planning on getting my labret or tongue done soon, but that's another story...Bye.

2 Weeks Later -- My right ear has healed perfectly, at first I was a little worries because it looked like it was at an angle in my earlobe, but when I put the 10ga in it looked perfect. I've been thinking about it a lot and I'm going to buy a 8ga CBR when I get enough money (I already have a 8ga plug, which I'm using to stretch it so it'll heal soon). I'm glad it healed right because everyone told me it wouldn't heal right, I didn't even get crusties! Lucky me.

If you have any question or just want to talk to me, feel free to email me at [email protected], or IM me at EvlPunk777, but please don't send me hate mail.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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