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Industrial Revolution

id not know what the future held for me as I awoke eagerly one morning. I knew that soon I would be proudly pierced with a new industrial, but all else was uncertain. Would it hurt? Would I like the resulting look? I just had to find out....

Overly excited that afternoon, I ran a redlight and a stop sign on my way to Hooks Treasures in Austintown Ohio. I had been planning on getting an industrial for quite some time, and months ago I ordered the perfect barbell to satisfy my needs. It was a twelve guage, exquisite if I do say so. I was excited and ready for it! I arrived at Hook's and the piercer, Rick, was ready to work his magic. I met Rick about a year ago and trusted him much. He had attended many piercing classes, bloodborne pathogens courses, sterilization dealies, the whole thing. Also, he was CPR certified and very responsible in these matters. I felt taken care of exceptionally well.

I sat down in a chair and Rick measured my ear to get the placement exactly how I desired. He checked for any prominent veins I may have, and then proceeded with the event.

I began to regret having come alone...it would have been nice to have some support! But Rick was personable and there were lots of kids waiting for tattoos and they all helped me through the experience with words of encouragement.

A small tray was wheeled in, on it forceps, cork, the twelve guage needle, and other acoutrements I was to nervous to properly note. He removed the barbell from the sterilizing liquid and then put on the first pair of latex gloves. He removed the needle from the package, assured me that it was new, and then set it in the lubricating gel. I braced myself anxiously as he took the cork and the needle and asked me if I was prepared. I thought I was, but as I took a deep breath nothing could have really prepared me for the pain. He pierced the top hole first, and I was in agony. Pain like fire ripped through me. I usually have a high tolerance for pain but this was incomprehensible agony. I once read that piercing ought to be a painless and comfortable experience or else your piercer is unqualified. Well, if that is true then I cannot imagine anyone so skilled as to eliminate the hell of having a needle shoved through the thick cartilege of ones ear. I heard the pop of the needle breaking through and I exhaled loudly. Wow. The second hole was better, though not a feeling I would enjoy enduring ever again. The barbell was put in place and the excessive amounts of blood were cleaned off my ear. I had no idea I would bleed so profusely, though I had heard how bloody things could become in this particular situation.

After I was washed free of blood, I was given instructions to wash with anibacterial soap and a special solution given to me three times a day. A regime, I must note, I have followed religiously. I also use a saline of sea salts on my ear thrice daily. And, in the spirit of true healing, I had a little reiki performed on my poor wounded flesh so as to allow absolute recovery.

Things were going great as I drove home. But when I went to look in the rearview mirror, I saw a torrent of blood had besieged my ear. It ran down my neck and seriously freaked me out. I walked in the house and almost passed out I was so unnerved. Luckily my mother was there to lay me down and help clean me up.

After the initial episode, I bled twice during the night, though not so intensely. I speculate this was due to my being unaccustomed to sleeping on my right side. The area was tender the first two days. On the third I swelled up and had much pain, but now I am absolutely fine. I applied ice after I came home for I am one who swells a great deal. I used ice for the first day and then I put some heat on my ears at night. This really seemed to help. My mother suggested it, as she is a nurse and loves to aid me in all ways. I took some advil and that helped for pain. The first day I did not try to turn the barbell, but now, a week later, I rotate it and also slide my ear so I can clean the back. I really had no crusting at all. I also clean it after all showers I take, because shampoo has a tendency to irritate my piercings to a high degree. Keeping it clean has been very easy, and I have gone through about a thousand cotton swabs! Interestingly, my industrial feels great, my other lobe piercings ache like mad. I took my fourth hole earring on the industrial ear out and the pain seemed to have stopped. Then strange tragedy struck. The second earring in my other ear got sucked into my ear, I think from always sleeping on that side with the industrial on the other. It became lodged in my ear and the discomfort of having this foriegn body embedded in my flesh rather ameliorated the pain of the new industrial. But I took care of the issue and now all my holes seem intact.

My industrial looks great. My ego is fat from the many compliments I am fed. I am the only person I have ever seen with this piercing, and that is really the motivation behind my getting it. The placement is perfect and it is healing wonderfully and I look forward to many happy years with my great industrial. If you can take the pain, hey, this one is worth it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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