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was 50 years ago that I first pierced my ears. In those days an unheard of thing to do for a guy never mind a girl. As a teenager I had seen several women with pierced ears while on holiday in Ireland and liked the look and then read an article in the Sunday newspaper.

Queen Elizabeth had had her ears pierced so she could wear the earrings which go with the crown jewels. With this desciption of how she had it done I decided to try and do it to myself.

I had tried wearing rings made out of wire which were a grip-fit but now to actually punch a hole through my earlobe was a huge step. I got two thumb-tacks. These I pressed through my ear lobes using the sterilised jaws of a pair of pliers. There was a small crunch and I felt the points come through the back of my lobe. The tacks looked like earstuds. I felt, what I later learnt was, an adrenaline rush. When I removed the tacks there was only a small amount of blood and later I found I could push through a thin wire. I did this frequently and slept with the wire through my ears until eventually a hole healed through each lobe.

In those days it would have been unheard of for me to have worn earrings in public and was so for most of my adult life. When I was on my own I would wear regular earrings bought for my girl friend and future wife. After we had been engaged for a year I persuaded her to have her ears pierced in a jewellers shop. In those days a crude and not sterile proceedure.

As the years went by it became the fashion for women to have their ears pierced as both my wife and daughter did soon to be followed by young men. As an engineering director it would have undermined my authority with my co-workers so I remained a "closset earring wearer" until I retired. Up til that time I felt that this was somehow "sinful", even though I am not particularly religious. Then I bought a new computer which gave me access to the the internet and found that body piercing was a widespread phenomena. I was no longer alone in my desire to wear earrings. I then bought a book called " The Fashionable Ear" by Ronald D. Steinbach and was interested to find that the wearring of earrings by men was not only a present day phenomena but was carried on by such notables as William Shakespear and Sir Francis Drake. So I would not be in "bad" company if I chose to publically wear earrings. My first chore was to get some of my own earrings,made for men not women's ones borrowed from my wife..

I noticed that drug stores as well as selling earrings specifically for women now had simpler designs specifically for men. I bought my first pair of silver sleeper rings and anounced to my wife that I would be wearing them from now on. She had grave misgivings as to what all our friends and her co-workers would think. Their comments varied from thinking I had become wierd( one case) to "big deal" in most cases.

After a year I wanted a change in the type of rings I was wearing. I wanted something with a thicker wire than the 18gage silver sleepers had. I bought two 1/2 inch,12 gage bar closure rings. These required only a little stretching to open up my holes to accept them. They looked better than the thin sleepers and I enjoyed the slight tug they gave to my earlobes. My next thought was -12 was good,would 10 gage look and feel better. I visited my local piercing parlour only to find that the nearest size they had was 8 gage. I gulped but on the invitation of the young lady piercer(young enough to be my daughter) I accompanied her into her clean, tidy piercing room. She tried a taper and proceeded to fit two 1/2 inch rings, one in each earlobe.

Seven months later my earlobes are still adorned with 1/2 inch diameter 8 gage stainless steel bar closure rings. They are comfortable and I enjoy the pull they give to my earlobes. People who I have met have never voiced any disapproval. In fact I have had several comments of admiration from both men (not gay) and especially women. I have no desire to pierce any other parts of my body or to stretch my piercings beyond their present size. I wouldn't mind some larger diameter rings maybe made out of gold but that's as far as I want to go.

So here is one senior citizen who now has achieved his ambition to be accepted for who he is. Someone who has lived through many years of experiences and has earned the right to wear earring if he so desires.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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