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Freaky Kool Industrial

name is Kimberly, and I live in Halifax, Virginia. A pretty small town; low population, lots of almost retired, close-minded people, and angst-filled young people constantly searching for something to do, and somewhere to go. The few people who are of adult age, who are'nt so close-minded and ignorant, really have no say in important matters of their community and the lifestyles of the individuals living in it. So, people my age(I'm 17, by the way), just have to sorta float around this sleepy town, looking for their own individualisms, their own future--not the future that old gas stations and Burger Kings here have created for them. But anyways,I got a little off-track here, so, with no futhur adeu, let's get on with why you're reading this.

I recently got my long-awaited Industrial in my right ear. Other than that, I had my navel pierced, but had to take it out. I also have the usual high guage lobe piercings, plus one cartilage pierce in my left ear.

I've been wanting to get my ear pierced again, but I did'nt want same old thing--I wanted something orginial(well, not quite), at least something out of the ordinary. A good friend of mine, who's also my piercer, were talking, and I decided on the jewelry(14 guage SSS BB), and the price and the date to do it. I was so anxious about it, and when the day finally came, I was stoked. Richard showed up at my house, with all his tools, and paperwork, ect., and gave me an aftercare sheet to read and keep while he set up.

After he and I were all ready to do it, he pulled my hair back so as not to get in the way of the procedure, and put on a pair of gloves. I sat in the chair, and he explained the process to me, making sure I was ready. When I said, ok, go for it, he took out a wrapped needle and sat it on the table. Then he cleaned my ear well, and told me to take deep breaths. After I was calmed, he took the 12 guage needle out(it had to be a size larger to compensate for swelling and healing), and finding the right spot, and angle to go in, pushed the needle through the top part of my cartilage. It hurt kinda bad, but it was only for a second, and he took the needle out, and placed the jewelry in that hole. Then, we chilled for a second to let me get my head straight again, and he pushed the needle through the second spot, and I heard a popping sound, and the needle was out, and he placed the other end of the BB into that hole. Then, Richard screwed the balls on the ends, and cleaned me up. ( I don't bleed much, so there was'nt much cleaning up to do) He told me to go look, and I did, and it was so phat! The placement was perfect, and so was the angle. He went over the aftercare stuff with me once more, and we talked a little about future work, and I paid him and he left.

My pierce is now almost 2 months old, and healing well. No infection, migration or swelling. Been cleaning it once a day, at first with full-strength Bactine and liquid Dial soap, and now with Dial and half-strength Bactine. Any one who'd like to get one, but is scared/worried about healing, or whatever, I'd say go for it. It was over all a positive experience for me, and my new pierce continues to fasinate and intrigue me.

As far as future bod mod plans go, I'm thinking of a whole list of new piercings, tattoos, ect. I'd like to get my navel re-pierced, and in the immediate future I'm having a 2 guage dermal punch done on my left ear. I've decided after that(or during), I'll stretch my right lobe up to that guage, instead of the punch, to see if there's much difference in the two procedures and the final results. Also, my nipples, hood(vertically), labret, tounge, eyebrow, nose, and whatever other body part I can conjure up to get poked, will await their new holes. I've also got this killer tribal dragon design I'd like to get on my calf, when age and money permits me. I think as far as body modificatin goes, there is no limit, but the individual's spirit, drive, and imagination.

My piercer, Richard Powell, is a decicated professional, who loves his work, and just recently was able to quit his job in the real world, and start piercing full-time. Not only is he who I'll always to go for piercings--as well as future tattoo and scarification work--he's a good friend. He works out of Tangles in South Boston, Virginia--anyone in that area who's looking for a good, clean prefessional, I recommend him 100%. His e-mail is: [email protected]

If anyone has any questions, or would just like to type some meaningless words in my mail box, I'd love to hear them--mail me:

[email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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