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Lobe Piercing and Pain

rst thing is that I'm a wuss. I'm 17 and I've had my ear lobes pierced 3 times before this experience but they were done with a gun so they had a back on them to irritate my ears. Not to mention I seem to be allergic to both gold and titanium! So, I had to let them close all 3 times. Well, I decided that I was going to get them done with a needle so they could put a circular barbell in. My friend had it done last year and she told me that it only hurt a little. Definitely more than a gun but she's had no problems. I already had the place picked out because my friend and I wanted our tongues pierced last fall so we went around to all the Tattoo and Piercing studios we could find and Class Act Tattoo was by far the cleanest. When I went in the first time it was without parents and even though they knew they couldn't do anything then, the people answered all my questions and went over prices. They were so incredibly nice and they knew what they were talking about. (I knew because I had done tons of research on BME!) I felt so stupid going into a piercing studio to get my ears done! But the people there were so nice. When I went in my mom and I both had to sign papers and show our ID's. The guy laughed at me and told me that it was going to hurt and he didn't know why I just didn't get it done with a gun. He tried explaining how it works with a gun but I pierce ears where I work so I cut him off :) (And YES I am trained and certified even though I work at the mall) He told me that it was like someone putting a motorcycle helmet over your head and whaling you. How reasuring!!! He took me in the back room where he had the needles in sterile packages and my earings were soaking in a little dish. I'm such a baby that I had tears running down my face before he started :) hehe, of course they stopped as soon as he started piercing because it really wasn't THAT bad. He put the clamp on my ear and secured little pliers on the needle. He didn't have to mark it because you could still clearly see where my other earings were. He talked me through the whole thing making jokes to make me laugh and stop thinking about what he was doing. I asked him if he was ready and he goes, "I don't know, are you ready?" I was so nervous and I snapped at him, "You're the one piercing! You need to be ready before I am." He seemed really amused with me. He put the needle through and it was as fast as it was with a gun! Then he had to take the needle out and put the jewelry through. He warned me that this might hurt a little because sometimes between the time the needle comes out and the jewerly goes in, the ear closes a little bit and you have to "re-pierce" with the jewelry. This wasn't the case with me :) Both ears went smoothly. He had trouble screwing the ball on afterwards and that made me more nervous because I was waiting for it to hurt :) The actual piercing did hurt a lot but it was t Oh yeah, I only had them done with a 16ga circular barbell. They recommended that size to me. I love it. In a week or so when they stop hurting so much I'm going to have a pink (magenta) ball put inbetween the two balls on the barbell to close the ring. I chose pink to match my car :) So it's going to have small silver ball, bigger pink ball, small silver ball. It's going to look awesome. The whole thing cost me $50. It was supposed to cost $60 but he gave me a little break :) The little balls only cost 50 cents each so it's not bad at all. He tried talking me into getting my navel pierced (I told him I'm too fat for that and he laughed at me) and I told him I want my tongue done. I dunno, I love my ears so much and Glenn was so great I think he may have talked me into getting my navel pierced. We wound up comparing gun techniques and he's going to send his customers to me to get ear care solution!!! I can't believe I stirred up business at Class Act :)

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Glenn+Broker
Studio: Class+Act+Tattoo
Location: Middletown%2C+NY

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