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The tregus and the apprentice

ired of seeing everyone with bellys pierced, everyone with noses pierced, everyone one with eyebrows pierced and especially everyone with the cartlidge at the top of their ear pierced. So I decided to go stides above everyone I know and I went to get my cartlidge peirced. Once I got my tounge pierced.. that just wasnt enough. I already have three tattoos and my boyfriend has his eyebrow and tounge pierced "two in each". And the way my boyfriend sees it is 'You can take a piercing out when you get sick of it... but you cant take a tattoo off!' Fair enough.. "don't get me wrong... I love my tattoos" I hinted to my piercist a few weeks before hand that I was interested in getting it done. I went in the next week and just loitered around the shop looking at colours and sizes. The next week after that I asked about prices. Everytime I went to ask you could see the hint of a smile on her face... she knows I am a wuss for pain! So the week after that... without telling anyone... I went and got it done... This is my story... I went to my usual piercist... who has already done my tounge and belly. When I got there she introduced me to her boyfriend PJ who is training to be a piercist. She asked if I wanted to get him to pierce my tregus for only the price of the jewelery. I was really hesitant at first but the thought 'Stuff it... everyone has to start somewhere' so I agreed to have PJ do the piercing. I chose a 7mm "I think" surgical steel ring 14g ring. I was going to choose a barbell for work reasons but she didnt have a suitable size in on the day. I also decided to get it done in my left tregus because of the side I sleep on when I am in bed and also I answer the telephone on my right ear. As I was lying there... heart fluttering away... I kept chatting away "as you do" asking questions about what he was doing... which he answered all perfectly. I also kept telling him to be gentle with me... not to hurt me... I also told him that if it hurt i would punch him in his new penis piercing!! Then he was as nervous as I was! Nicole "my usuall piercist" stood there and assisted and guided PJ through the whole procedure. Getting the needle through wasnt bad at all... just a bit of pressure just to get through the cartlidge. Then it started to get a bit uncomfortable. Unfortunatly PJ is a male. And he has big fingers. His fingers kept bumping the tube that was left in my ear for him to get the ring into. It was hurting like hell more and more and I was cursing and carrying on with saying how much it hurt and telling him to just hurry up. I think he was getting a bit upset at me. Then Nicole had to step in and take over. She had watched enough! It was hurting so much by now. I was so upset "not crying" that I just yelled one more time and wacked her in the leg. A silly move by me but it actually helped the ring go through! Afterwards PJ had the nerve to tell me that was his first ever Tregus piercing.. I thought he had done a few more than that! And also that he didnt even know what a tregus was 'till I stepped in the door!! It didnt hurt much more after that. I had even forgot about it by the late afternoon. I have had the piercing done for about a month now. It didn't get infected at all. I cleaned it twice a day with Hydrogen Peroxide 3 and medicated Metholated Spirits for about 3 weeks... now I clean it about every two days... morning and night. I try not to lie on it at night... although I tend to a lot. And it also weeps a lot at night. Or about half an hour after I've cleaned it... it feels all crusty again. I wouldnt get discouraged though from my story. A girl from my work went and got hers done soon after me and hers didnt hurt a bit. In a few more weeks I am going to get a neobium ring put in "to match all my regular pircings in my ears". 5mm I think and blue in colour... or I might just save up and go for the 18crt gold ring And a couple more weeks after that I think i just might get my nipple pierced... this is getting so addictive!!!! and also so expensive!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Nicole+and+PJ
Studio: Brisbane
Location: Australia

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