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Two Daiths, Two Cities

ch of 1999, I went on a weekend trip to the Big Apple with a group of high school artists. We did the normal "tourist-y" things like the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Empire State Building. We also did "art-sy" things such as spend time at the MOMA and SoHo. But after SoHo, there was a wilder side of the New York experience. A friend and I walked over to Greenwich Village with a mission- so be pierced. He wanted a second helix piercing and I wanted my tongue pierced. We came upon a shop called Whatever which had a sign for body piercing. We went inside and talked to their friendly staff about price, procedure, and jewelry when I noticed a piece of metal protruding from the girl behind the counter's inner ear. "Now what would you call that piercing?" I asked. She told me it was called a daith piercing. I'd never seen anything like it before! I fell in love instantly with this peculiar little piercing and immediately proclaimed "Forget my tongue! I want that!" We then had to take a short walk to the shop's other location because the girl who does the daith piercings was over there. There my friend and I picked out our jewelry and proceeded to the piercing room. He went first as I watched, he was being such a wuss- helix piercings are a piece of cake, I had two of them at the time. Before he knew it, it was all over and he was just fine. It was my turn. Now, the girl who introduced me to the daith assured me it didn't hurt at all, but I began thinking otherwise. I sat there and waited for Michelle to prepare for my piercing and started getting REALLY freaked out. She cleaned my ear, picked a spot, had me take a deep breath, and on the exhale she began to pierce. I had blown all the air out of my lungs and the needle still hadn't gone all the way through. I could hear it crunching through my cartilege and after working with it for a few more seconds,POP, it was through. I wanted to kill the girl from the first shop- IT HURT LIKE HELL! Once the jewelry was in, the ear that wasn't pierced started throbbing which was really strange and the ear that was pierced didn't hurt at all, it never even bled. I began feeling a little faint and Michelle told my friend to run and get me some orange juice from the store next door. She let me sit in the chair and drink my juice until I felt better. She was awesome, I didn't want to leave. Three and half months later, back in Maryland, I decided to get the other daith pierced. The first piercing had almost completetly healed with the exception of occasional crust. I was ready to have my jewelry changed to something a little smaller (I was wearing a 14 gauge). Ideally I would have loved to go back to NYC and have Michelle pierce me again, but it was a little farther than I wanted to drive. This time I went to Star Rocket in Ellicott City, MD. This time I knew exactly what to expect. I made sure I had eaten before I went to the shop and came in carrying a bottle of OJ. The staff there helped me pick out jewelry,two identical 18 gauge rings. and didn't really need to explain the healing process because I was already familiar with it. In minutes I was ready to be pierced. The cleanliness of the shop was superior but I was just slightly nervous because I was about to be pierced by a man ( no offense to men, I just think women have a better understanding of pain). I was expecting the same experience as before but this one was much better. The piercing went much quicker, no crunching and popping, no faintness, I didn't even need my orange juice. This time however there was some bleeding, but no big deal. I felt complete. I have had the second piercing for about 2 weeks now and the healing process is going smoothly. There is no bleeding or pain, just the usual crust which can be easily washed off with my trusty Dial Gold and a Q-tip. It's been great. Each piercing is slightly different because they were done by different people in different states, but I love them both the same and wouldn't trade them for the world. I plan on keeping them until I die. This is my tale of two cities. I highly recommend the daith piercing to anyone considering it, it is absolutely wonderful! Just expect some pain and just in case, make sure you bring some OJ, it makes everything better! Good luck! MP

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Michelle+%28NYC%29
Studio: Whatever+%28NYC%29+++Star+Rocket+%28EC%29
Location: New+York+City%2C+NY++%26+Ellicott+City%2C+MD

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