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standard lobe piercing

a year ago I got my mom to take me to the mall just to get a normal ear lobe piercing.For some reason she did not think that guys should have their ears pierced my I'm like welcome to the 90's mom and when she saw that all of my friends had theirs done she was like fine but I only want you to wear a small stud that no one can see and I'm like sure what ever mom When I got there I picked out a gold stud and the lady got out the gun and pierced it. The lady there told me if it ever gets infected put the stud back in cause it's 24 carot and it won't hurt your ear. She told me to rotate it three times a day and put this cleansing stuff on it that she gave me. Everything went fine for about 3 months. Then I noticed that it was still hurting. I took it out and noticed the back of my ear was kind of swollen. Then I put the stud back on and when I did it I put the back on too tight and my ear didn't have room to swell but I left it alone. A couple of weeks later I took a good look at it and it had a little of a blood blister on it. As the weeks went on it got bigger and bigger. until finally I just took the earring out. I made a doctor apointment and went here and he had to drain it out. It was mostly blood and some puss so it must had been infected. Then about six months later I got my friend to pierce it again and it's all fine. I think the problem was that the earring was too tight and it couldn't swelll. From all the research I've done on Bme and the rest of the website it was an abcesses. My doctor said that he wasn't sure what quite caused it. Some people say that it was due to leaving my earing on in the shower but I don't think that is the reason why. I think that it is because the lady at the store in the mall told me to clean it too much and rotate it three times a day. I over cleaned it. Everytime I went to the bath room I cleaned it and everytime I would sit down I would put my hands on it and play with it and rotate it. The lady at the mall also told me to put Hydrogen peroxide on it which I did and I think just made it worse. That's my left ear piercing experience. I also got my left ear pierced again but by my friend with a piercing stud this time. He let it soak in alcohol for about 3 minutes then he went and picked it up and. had it in his right hand while he marked with a marker where to put it on my ear. He went up to my ear and struck it with the stud. It took him a while to do it then I heard a pop. He then took it out to but a loop through but it had already grown in. So then he got a large safety and and cleaned it with alcohol and pierced it. It hurt more the second time. then he took it out and put the loop in which hurt. But the hard part was clipping the back of the loop. For some reason he couldn't get it so I had to but in the kind that the backing goes on like a stud but once he got that it was fine. It has healed pretty good I barley use any of that cleansing stuff. I changed to a different loop so I wouldn't have problems with my ear not being able to swell. I'm afrain to sleep on my left side of my head or to use the phone on that side cause I'm really afraid of it getting infected. I'm happy that I did it though cause it looks really cool and it's not that bad having to avoid that side of my head. From now on if I get any piercings on my ear again I will get my friend to do it because it heals so much better and it's not worth wasting my money on at the mall. I hope to get my nostril pierced, my tongue pierced,a barbell through my eyebrown my right ear and my labret. I know thats a lot but it will look so rad once I have it done. Well I guess that's about it and thanks for reading my story.peace out

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Location: Oregon

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