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Pierced at camp w/ a safetly pin!

I'm Rachel. And this is my horror story of my self piercing at camp in the bathroom. Alright, of course, I'm under the age and there was NO WAY the rents would let me get it done. I've asked and begged and BEGGED about piercing things, in fact, iw as the one that pierced 2 of my own holes on each side. Tye didn't care abotu the gauges though. But my rents r conservative firm batist people. Which sucks ... baad/ My ears have 4 holes in each side and the bottom hole on each side is 8g w/ plugs. So here I am, on break at this music camp and i JUST got done piercings my friend, Matts ear w/ a safety pin((not recommended))that i got off of some guys backpack. Then I put a hoop through his ear. He liked it. so I'm like "whoa.. i'll pierce me nose" I have a pretty high pain tolerance level so i was like"why not" But i've never been through cartilage so i was kinda weirded out. I mean, yea i've pierced my ears PLENTY O TIMES in class ust sittin there w/ a safety pin off of my bag. There was one time, where i was weirded out that might happen again, that i was playin guitar in ym room and i pierced it and my crush was over and i hit a vein and all this blood began to POUR outta my head. i was literally cupping blood. And it was thin as water. Yes, of course, I passed out, he had to drag me into the bathroom and sit me up on the counter and hold me over the sink for about 15 and let it all drain out. And yea i did bleed all over his adidas jacket thingee which i feel really bad about.. And that was the last time i pierced myself. But anyways, back to my story about piercing my nose,i run into the bathroom w/ a lighter, a rusty safey pin, some soap and water. I made my friend Heather some with me JUST IN CASE i passed out or something. I held the pin under the lighter for about 30 sec, took it off, ran it under water, put some soap on it, rinsed it off and wiped it off on my shirt. Heather loooked at me and goes" you want me to do ti for you?!?!"I looked it the mirror, grit my teeth and pinched my nose to get it numb((well duh! i didn't have any alcohol ,ice or ANYTHING!!)) so then, i went for it, jammed it through.. HA! wasn't that easy! took me bout 6 mins to get it through. There were all these gurls runnin in and outta the bathroom, bringin their friends in to come and watch, so by the time was over i had a big crowd around me watching me self mutilate myself. Not that i cared. As soon as i walked outta the bathroom, as expected, everyone gasped and crap. I looked like a big dork w/ a safety pin in the nose. I'll get a pic of me w So here I am, runnin around 3rd chair sax at this camp, with a gross big safetly pin stickin outta my nose. I couldbn't move the pin, i had to have some one else do it. yea yea, i'm a wuss, big friggin deal.I left it in for about 7 hrs then took it out and put a stud in. Then, later on that week, i got smacked in the face a couple times, but i'm good, didn't bleed or anything. My friend took his safety pin back and hung a little sign on it that says "this safety pin has pierced 4 ears and one nose" and put it back on his backpack And i'm sure your wondering "hmmm, how much did all this cost??" ABSOLUTELY nothing!!! used my own materials i already had! So here it is. I come home and have to go to work((btw, i work at Mickie D's, don't laugh)) so I'm workin and my manager comes up and told me to take it out.. I was pissed off. Yet, i took it out.. it semi healed up so i had to go through the whole friggin process again. But i'm thinkin my school won't let me wear it. Then i'll be reaaly pissed off But all and all. I like it. My friends like it. The resnts are gonna HAVE to learn to like it. Right now, i have this blue stud thingee in it. Hasn't shown any signs of infections.. Cept when all the reg. gross crap comes out of it when i switch studs. I'll find u guys some pics. i'm out!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Studio: in+a+bathroom+at+camp
Location: Arkansas%2C+but+i+live+in+Okla

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