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my strange streching procedure

my name is Anthony. I love in a horribly boring little town in upstate New York. My little story starts off with normal ear piercings that many people on the earth have, so it's nothing special anymore. But at the time, it was a big moment for me and stuff. I got my ear pierced when I was 12. And that was so exciting and new to me. But it got old after a while. So when I was 15, I decided to pierce my ear again. So one night I did, loved the pain. Then I got bored with only 2, so shortly after, I did a third hole. But anyways, all this useless junk really does not have much to do with my story. Alright, here goes. Last summer, I saw a kid with a stretched hole, I'm not sure what guage it was, but he put a AA battery in it, so I'd say it was pretty big. So I thought it seemed like it would be a good idea and looked really cool (thinking to myself, wow, this will really get the ladies). So I began the streching process. First, I shoved a 14 guage in, which hurt quite a bit since it's so much bigger than a normal earring hole. Then I went to a 12 guage. Next came the 10 guage. But that just wasn't enough for me, it was taking way too long and the earrings got much to expensive for me to purchase. I wanted it to be so much bigger, faster, and cheaper. So then I went to a store and bought a 2 guage plug. A few days later, I got together with my best friend Megan and came up with a clever idea to go from the 10 guage to the 2 guage plug. The big idea we came up with was to use a paintbrush since it's small and gets bigger towards the brush part. So we put some vaseline on the paintbrush so it would slide easier (didn't think of how much it would actually hurt though) Then she began slowly pushing it through. It slid in pretty easily, but the pain was so unbearable! I don't think I've ever felt so much pain in my life, but there was surprisingly very little bleeding. We had to make several attempts to take out the brush and get the plug in because it began closing as soon as the brush came out and all the blood made it difficult to see what we were doing. But then on about the 4th try at it, we got the plug in! It was very satisfying to see the finished product (after cleaning up a bit of blood). The hole only took a few days to heal up. I did plenty of cleaning a few times a day and picked A LOT of blood crusties off of it. But it's great now. It certainly gets a lot of people's attention, so I can't even imagine what reactions people get who have REALLY big holes. The funnest part is taking the plug out and putting stuff in the hole. I'm now ready to go much bigger of course. I'd like to be able to at least stick my finger through it, or maybe a bit bigger. So, the moral of this story, if you suddenly decide to stretch your earring holes, I would definitely not recommend trying our pathetically dumb idea. There's obviously much easier and less painful ways to accomplish this. But if you like to see a little blood and experience plenty of pain, I highly urge you to give this method a try...it's fast, cheap, and exciting. I enjoy pain quite a bit I suppose, I've "experimented" with some self-piercings such as nose and nipples, but wouldn't avoid infections with those, so it was basically a waste of time, but was quite a bit of exciting pain. I want to get plenty of piercings done everywhere, butunfortunately I can't get any piercings yet until I'm 18. I'm definitely looking forward to my birthday in September. The first piercing on my list is a prince albert. I've been reading up on it, and it definitely seems to be quite interesting and excitng. I'm not sure how hard it will be to piss, but I'm sure it is worth a little mess. Ah dammit, my story is too short to get on here, so I need to write a lot of useless crap to take up all this extra space. Hmmm, so, how's the weather whereever you are? I guess I'm talking to myself since, well, that's what I'm doing. But it is more words so I can reach the minimum and these people will hopefully put my story on here!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: my+friend+Megan+and+myself
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Location: NY

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