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Ear hell

I am an average 16 year old thats obsessed with piercings. I already have a few piercings in my cartlaige and my belly button but I still wanted more.I really wanted my eyebrow but my mom doesn't want me messing up my face with metal. So I had to find something in my ear or somewhere that I could hide. I looked around on BME and found a really cool looking one (the helix) that no one i knew had.I considered getting my rook but I didn't really like where it was placed. I like to try to be different so I consented with my mother about the helix and she said ok. My mom hates my new obsession and hopes it will end soon but I have news for her....it won't! I went to Ocean City, Maryland for a vacation that was a week long so I decided I wanted it done there because I didn't want to wait until I got home a week and 1/2 later. Me and my friend went into all of the piercing shops down there to find one that looked clean and finally we found a clean and cheap one! It was called Dimensions and it was a little shop on the boardwalk. It was 20 dollars for the piercing I wanted plus 10 dollars extra because I wanted a horseshoe in it. I talked to the piercer there and he told me about the procedure and everything and told me he was looking forward to seeing me. I went back to our hotel and explained to my mom it would be 30$ and the procedure and stuff and she agreed to do it the next day (August 2nd)and so we did. We walked into Dimensions and told them what I wanted and picked out my horseshoe and then filled out a "We won't sue you if you mess up my ear" form. My mom signed it and and then the lady at the counter told me to go upstairs. I went upstairs and my friend came with me. I wasn't nervous or anything but I knew it would hurt REALLY bad. The guy (I think his name was Andy) that was piercing me told me to sit in this leather chair while he sterilized his needle and stuff. I sat there and talked to my friend. She was going to get her belly button pierced after my ear was done and she was nervous. So I was telling her about how it feels and everything to pass time while he was sterilizing the stuff. Then Andy took the clamp and marked where the new hole would be and showed me, I liked it so he prepared his needle. He said to me that "Ear projects always made him sick and he wasn't going to look" but he was joking....I hoped.He asked me if I was ready and I said that I was so he started to push the needle through the front and let me tell you.....IT HURT SO FUCKING BAD!!!! I made this weird look because I could hear the cartlaige skin or whatever tearing and it was gross. So gross that I felt like I was going to cry. He had the needle through and now it was time to put the ring in. This also hurt pretty bad but not as bad as when he shoved the needle through. He screwed on the balls and cleaned my ear and I was done. Finally I could look at it and leave. I wanted to get out of there because there was this dude in there watching me and he had his madison pierced and it looked gross. I felt a little lightheaded when I stood up but I was ok. He explained to me how to clean it and everything and then it was my friends turn to get her belly button pierced.She sat in the chair and he cleaned the needle and hoop and prepared her hole. He pushed the needle through and she didn't even flinch. She later found out that it didn't hurt as bad as she thought it would. We left and got something to eat and my mom took some pictures of our new piercings. My mom was disgusted by the looks of my ear and I was glad. My ear didn't stop hurting until last night. It was all bruised and icky looking and my friends belly button wasn't even red! I finally got a good night sleep last night (August 9th) because I could sleep on my ear and now I am a happy camper! I plan to get an industrial after my helix heals and I am getting my nipples done soon. I really wanted my tongue but thats not as easy to hide as the nipples are. I am also considering my right daith since my helix is in my right ear or maybe I will just put a helix in my right ear to match. I'm not sure yet but some pictures and more stories should be posted soon. My belly button story is on here somewhere if you care to read it.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: i+think+his+name+was+Andy
Studio: Dimensions
Location: Ocean+City%2C+Maryland

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