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A conch piercing that started out as a tragus

st had my ears pierced when I was eleven, and ever since then I have been into body modification. I decided to concentrate on my ears, because at my convent school they would be less obvious. I started reading BME about a year ago and became interested in tragus piercings, and decided that I was going to have that done. So, I went to Southampton, which is about two hours from where we live (the piercers near to me are all useless - most of them didnÕt know what a tragus was) to Millennium Body Piercing. I had been there with my sister the month before to get her navel pierced and I recommend the place to anyone - Clem, the piercer, is really nice and doesnÕt pressure you or make you feel as if you are wasting his time, and of course he has all the certificates and sterile conditions. feel more relaxed. I told Clem I wanted my tragus done, and he told me honestly that it really hurt and caused him a lot of trouble, even now after seven months. He described the procedure and said that it was really painful. He said heÕd do it if I wanted, but it would be really painful afterwards. Nevertheless, I was really adamant about having it done, as I had done all the research and read lots of accounts, but Clem told me about other piercings that I could have done if I changed my mind, and one of the piercings he mentioned was an inner conch. The minute he mentioned it, it really appealed to me - I didnÕt know why I hadnÕt thought of it before! The idea grew on me and he told me the kind of jewellery I could have, and that the piercing was rather unusual. I abandoned the tragus idea and decided on a conch. I wasnÕt nervous at all, because I decided very quickly that I wanted it done and didnÕt have time to be nervous. I decided to go for the left side of my ear because I have four rings on that side and only one on the other, and I like the idea of having them all on one side. he selection of jewellery, and decided to go for a plain silver 14 ga bar. I just thought the little cut stone on the ball can look a bit tacky. My mum signed the consent form (IÕm 16 next week), and I sat on the bed. Clem opened the needle packaging in front of me, and put on gloves and then I think some numbing cream on my ear. He told me to close my eyes, and my mum said I could hold her hand if I wanted to. IÕm glad I did because, when he put the needle through, it bloody HURT!!! I like to think I have quite a high pain tolerance, but I guess not! I let out a squeak of pain, and broke a few of my mumÕs fingers :). He hadnÕt told me when he was going to put the needle through, so I breathed in through shock, although youÕre supposed to breathe out. (I have a theory of why it hurt so much - as my body hadnÕt prepared for the piercing, no adrenaline had been released. Like I said, just a theory.) I didnÕt feel the ÔcrunchÕ sensation that some people talk about, I just remember the needle taking ages to go through - it didnÕt get stuck, it just seemed to be going very slowly. Clem reassured me, saying ÒItÕs all right, thatÕs it,Ó and then he put the jewellery in, and that hurt but not as much as the piercing. I couldnÕt really feel what he was doing, all I could feel was this throbbing on the left side of my head. Then, he sprayed my ear with some antiseptic spray and cleaned the blood away, making sure I tilted my head so that the blood didnÕt go down into my ear. I sat there with gritted teeth, my eyes now open. The whole area was stinging like mad, and I couldnÕt really talk or smile, although when I looked in the mirror I really liked it and I was really pleased. He said I had done really well, but I think he just felt sorry for me because I dealt with it so badly!! Over the next two hours the stinging died down, and by the evening it was just a dull ache. eks now and it hasnÕt given me any trouble, IÕm cleaning it twice a day. I havenÕt shown it to many people as IÕve hurt my leg and canÕt really go out, but I canÕt wait to show it off. If I turn my head to the left I can feel the ball in the back of my neck, which is strange. It has really grown on me, and I think in a way I prefer it to a tragus, although I would like to have that done some day. I felt really bad at the time, being so spontaneous about something that would affect me for the rest of my life, but that only made it more interesting. I would like to have researched the piercing first, and IÕm lucky that I do like it and didnÕt go off it straight away. I just knew when Clem mentioned it that it was the one for me. My advice to people is, if you can stand the pain for a few hours to go for it because itÕs worthwhile - itÕs an experience youÕll never forget.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Clem+Fagg
Studio: Millennium+Body+Piercing
Location: Southampton%2C+UK

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