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7'th grade self cartlidge piercing/stretching

n seventh grade i had gotten home one day after breaking up with my girlfriend( you know how those gay little 7'th grade relationships are)and i looked in the mirror and i decided that my cartlidge needed to be pierced. so i went into my room and found the little stud they used the last time i had gotten my ears pierced(i had two little regular holes in each lobe)and went into the bathroom. i was kinda nervous at first because i had never pierced myself, myself. but without numbing it i just put the stud through, and there it was my brand new hole! i was pleased for the time. i'm stupid as hell though because i didn't steralize anything(i'm a dumbass). i went to school the next day an everybody was really over reacting, i mean it's not that big a deal. my parents and friends seemed to think so though! so for a while all i had was a regular little cartlidge piercing. THE STRETCHING: well now i've had the regular self done cartlidge piercing for about a year. i'm now in 8'th grade so it's not a big deal any more. one day however while again looking in the mirror i decide that i'm bored with the little regular piercing. so i go to the local tattoo shop(i'm not going to say who until they give me some money for endorsing them) and got a little 18 gauge curved barbell(you can't start out too big) and stuck it through. i decided for right then that was enough. untill one day when i go to see pantera and black sabbath in concert in philly(alllll yeaaaaa) and after the concert we went to new york. well i was looking around in the tattoo shops in mew york and i see tons of people with stretched ears. so i decide right then and there that i want ot take the stretching further. so i buy a 16 gauge barbell. and like usual i just go to a bathroom and push it through. well i go to school the next week and everybody is again makin way too big of a deal out of it. but f**k 'em, i'm not doin it for them. 9'TH GRADE: it's now 9'th grade an the ado about my ear has calmed( as you can tell i live in a VERY uptight town). and yet again i get bored with the hole that's already there. so i go back to the tattoo place that shall remain nameless, and get a 14 gauge barbell with my birthday money(it was my 14'th birthday). after that heals i yet again get bored so the story repeats itself and i get a twelve gauge. i haven't gotten bored with it yet. THE LOBES: well i then decide that it's time to strethc my lobes, which i'm still in the progress of doing. i'm currently at 14 gauge. MY GIRLFRIEND: my new girlfriend(who i am very much in love with and i don't thik i'm going to break up with anytime soon, cause then i might have to pierce somthing else :)it turns out is also into body piercing and hole stretching and currently has a 14 guage barbell in her catlidge. OTHER PIERCING EXPERIENCES: some other piercing experinces of mine include piercing my friend amandas cartlidge. trying to pierce my nipple(but failing miserably). trying to pierce my own tounge( but again failing miserably). piercing my septum(but that got infected and i had to take it out). piercing the web in between my index and middle finger on my left hand(but my parents saw that and ripped it out, ouch!). piercing my little brothers ears in his sleep (heheheheheh). and piercing my friends tounge. body piercing is one of the best things ever. as soon as i turn eightteen i'm headed straight to the tatto parlor to get a phat ass back piece i already have planned out and multiple piercings, that is of course after i get all the porno i can afford(hehehe). people that have the balls(or in the females case, the ovaries) to get multiple body piercings and flaunt 'em get all my respect. bme has really helped me out in my stretchings. i am really pleased with the way everything has turned out with the stretchings. i've just got to work on my lbes a little more, i want to get those to a ten gauge. the only downside is for someone without a job this is incredibly expensive and it usually takes most of my money to do. because there is no way my parents are going to fund it. well thats my experience i hope you liked it

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Location: my+bathroom

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