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Wussboy gets stabbed/Eat eat eat!

i am a wuss. I hate needles, and i hate pain. But i wanted to get my ear pierced all the same. I have a strange obsession with metal, and i thought having a piece of metal actually IN me would be the coolest. I also like the image of piercings. My girlfriend has 5 in each ear, and they look so neat. So, after about a month of debating, i decided to go ahead and do it... I started asking around for reccomendations of places to get pierced, and someone suggested to my g/f that we check out Outer Limits, in Anaheim, Ca. So we did. Upon walking in the door, i noticed it was a large, clean looking place. It had an overall pleasant atmosphere. We went to the jewelry case and started checking it out. They had a pretty nice selection of rings, barbells, plugs, etc.. and i had my eye on a nice 16g CBR. Then Sandy, my piercer-to-be came over and asked if we needed help. My g/f told her what she wanted (an 18g SS helix), and i told her what i wanted (a 16g niobium lobe). She asked which ring i wanted, i pointed, she looked at my ear a lil funny, then told me that since i had such large lobes, the ring i wanted didnt have a large enough diameter :( So i looked at the row next to it, and found an ever better looking one in 7/16s. ah-hah. Then on to the boring signing of the forms, yadda yadda, fast forward. Then she took my G/F in and began to pierce her. Up until this point i wasnt really nervous, because i wasnt really thinking about what was about to happen. It was kind of a dream. But then i woke up to reality, and started getting pretty nervous. 5 minutes later, my g/f came out with a beaming smile, and showed me her new ring. I dont think i even noticed it. I think she could have stapled a yak to her ear, and i wouldnt have noticed it, because i was so tense by then. Sandy spent a few minutes cleaning up the room for me, then called me back. Oh shit. She took me into this room, and closed the door. There was a doctors office-style examining table, i guess for the more 'colorful' piercings, and an office-style chair. I got the chair. She sat me down, then we talked for a bit. I told her that it was my first willful piercing ever, and that i was damn nervous. She eased my nerves a bit, then we began with the piercing. On went a fresh pair of gloves, and she put some stuff on my ear (or maybe after she marked, i dont remember). She asked me about where i wanted the ring to go, so i pointed. She marked a spot, but it was a lil too close to my head, so i had her move it out a bit. 2nd one looked about right. She changed gloves, then clamped my ear with a pair of forceps. For some reason, i dug the feeling of the clamp on my ear shrug. It was a neat feeling. Then she asked me if i was ready. "heh. i guess." "ready as youll ever be, eh?" "damn straight"...I felt a lil prick where she was holdling the needle against my ear. "Ok, 'ere we go!". Oh shit. I felt a sharp pain, and the needle moving through my flesh, which was a most disturbing sensation. Most of the pain stopped within 2 seconds, as did my breathing, heart, and anything else that was stoppable at the moment. There i was, needle sticking through my ear like one of those halloween plastic arrow-through-the-head widgets, ear throbbing moderately, and wondering what the bloody hell just hit me. Then i realized 'shit, thats all?'.. and starting living again. From here on is when things get a lil hazy, and youll see why. I didnt really notice it then, but looking back, i realized that while i was breathing, it probably wasnt enough. I started getting a little warm and buzzy. She was doing something with the needle.. putting the ring in the back, i think.. and i started feeling a lil woozy. I told her that, and she told me to say something if it got too bad. She worked some more on my ear, and i think she got the ring in before my vision started turning dark blue, and i got all dizzy. "uhh, i think im gonna pass out.. yep... here i go".. and while it wasnt exactly healthy, it was FUN. I came the closest to passing out as i ever have before. Thank you sir, may i have another?! After a while of sitting there, drenched in sweat, i could sit up again. Then something dawned on me: I hadnt eaten all day. Some how it had slipped my mind. If theres any lesson to be learned by this story, its "for gods sake, EAT SOMETHING". Anyways, the rest of the piercing was pretty uneventful. She gave me some candy, put the bead on, cleaned the pie Overall, it wasnt that bad of an experience (except for my lil journey to elsewhere). It didnt hurt too much, i didnt bleed much, and now i have a nice chunk of metal impaled through my lobe :)Its now been a month (yeah, im a lazy bastard; im not being paid to be prompt ;p), and its healing nicely. I expect to do it again sometime soon, and many times after that :) - Nacho

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Sandy+Allen
Studio: Outer+Limits
Location: Anaheim%2C+Ca

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