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Thomas finally pierced his ears

been thinking of getting my lobes pierced for a long time. And finally I did it! What is special about that? Not much, you probably see guys with pierced lobes every day. And you are right, but I have wanted this since I was 12-13 years old (I'm 19 now) when a friend of mine pierced his left lobe. I was afraid of my family's reaction. Even when my mother said my friend looked great I did not dare. Some months ago I bleached my hair and I realised that doing that was cool both with my friends and family, so I decided to go for the earlobe piercings. I told my friends and everybody said I would look cool. I have this surfer style and it would fit my image. There is a piercing studio near my school and I decided to go after class a Thursday afternoon. Had to wait for about 15 minutes because there was a guy getting his nipples pierced. When they finished piercing his nipples they cleaned up and the piercer was ready for me. I went in the back and he had me sit in a dentist chair and then he washed his hands, put on gloves and cleaned my ear lobes with something. He marked them and asked me if I liked it and I said yes. I decided to go for 14 gauge circular barbells. He did my left ear first. He clamped it, put the needle through and put the jewellery in. He then asked me if I still wanted both my ears pierced and I said yes, of course, it did not hurt that bad! He took another needle and did the same thing to the other ear: clamped it, put the needle through and put the jewellery in. It didn't hurt that bad actually I liked the feeling of getting something through my ears. I looked my self in the mirror and was really pleased with the result. The piercer said he liked my ears. He told me they were easy to pierce and that the barbells looked natural on me. The piercer said he had done hundreds of ears so I guess he was satisfied with the work he did with mine. I have seen so many ears which just don't look nice, but I don't think it is because of the ears but because of how the piercing is done. I was aware of that and that's why I decided not to get them done with a piercing gun. I was told the aftercare instructions. The piercer was really great. He had no customers waiting for him so he used much time talking about aftercare. He told me to clean with salt water twice a day and to not use any other compound then salt water. I told him that I also have been thinking of getting a PA. He said he already had one and I asked if he wanted to show me, and he said sure why not. It looked really great. We agreed that he is the one to pierce me when I'm ready for it. Then I went out with my newly pierced ears. I was really happy and went straight to my friends house where he was waiting together with a some guys from school. They all liked it and also wanted to get something pierced. One of them actually did. He had his tongue and cartilage done the week after. His tongue looks good. I haven't kissed him and I guess I never will, but it would be cool to date someone with a tongue piercing. I don't think I will ever have one because I don't want to have to many visible piercings. I want the one I have to be nice and I don't want to look special, just cool. I'm going to college this fall and I have seen that at college all kind of piercings are popular, also stretching. I have thought about stretching but have not decided yet. Maybe I will some day. Right now I'm happy with my piercings as they are. I followed the aftercare instructions and my ears are just fine. They healed in 2-3 weeks, but I continued to clean for another 3 weeks. It's now two months since I got them pierced and I have been happy ever since. Having something hanging in my ears is great, and everyone says it looks cool. Just like so many others on BME I want to say that if you are thinking about getting something pierced, you should go for it. It is definitely worth it and it doesn't hurt. When it is done it looks cool. and it feels good. And don't worry about friends, family, collegues or whatever holds you back. Just go for it! If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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