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Self Done Cartilage

one Cartilage Peircing by Colin "Wilykat" Bolton Aug 9th 1999 [email protected] Before doing this I had read experiences all over BME and looked up on proper procedure. Sterilizing things etc.. I already had my lower left lobe done. Peirced with a gun about 5 months ago jsut because I was 18 and figured it'd be fun. Big deal. So after going through BME and checking out all sorts of other things to do I finally decided on what I'm going to do with my ears. Wanting a upp cartilage pericing on my left was a goal. Then an industrial on my right. I keep thinking about peircing my left ear on my own using a needle. Well, my parents take off for a week so I can run around the house and listen to Modest Mouse all I want, then the urge hits me to do it. I grabbed a pair of pliers, a needle, stud and ring and head to the bathroom. I took the ring and held it up against my ear just to find out where I wanted the holes. Marked them in pen, front and back. Grabbed the needle and placed it against the pen mark I could see and pushed a bit with my fingers and it wasn't going anywhere. So I gave up, put the needle down and wandered downstairs to chat online a bit. About an hour later I tried again. This time with pliers. Put rubbing alcohol on my ear and needle this time and washing my hands. Put the needle in the little teeth of the pliers and began pushing against my ear.. and pushing and pushing.. and it still wasn't going anywhere. Then my ear was folding weird (note: no clamps to do this) so I had to like, unfold and brace it with my other hand. The one thought of stabbing my fingers as the needle came through came to mind, then I reliazed it would hurt more with the needle going through the cartilage than stabbing my finger so the worry kind of dissapeared. Then suddenly something poked my finger and the very tip of the needle had gone through. So I kept pushing (this means I was pushing REALLY fucking hard!) and finally the needle went through half way. So I'm thinking "Cool." with the needle halfway through my ear. Then I take it out and put the stud to the hole and it wasn't going to go ANYWHERE. So I forced the needle back through, almost needing as much force as before. Oh, BTQ, when I did this I didn't get that cool POP sound everyone talks about. =P So, with the needle halfway in my ear, I go back downstairs and chat online. 15 minutes later when I can feel the endorphines let up a bit I go back to the bathroom and teh needle will slide back and forth in the hole easily so I carefully begin to slide it out while putting the stud in.. it came out, the stud got lost in my ear somewhere so I decide to just try and aim for the hole to get the stud through. I started shaking from having to use such precise muscle control and the endorphines or adrenalline, whatever they were. The back of my ear feels warm now. Then blood begins to drip profusely from behind my ear (take shirt off now) and then on me, and the sink and my hands. Finally can see the end of the stud by folding my ear so I can see the back of it and see the tip. It's under the hole but it won't go through... (pushpushpushpush) POP! (there it is!!) as it punches through the skin. (Endorphinesendorphines!YUM!) Put the end of the stud on, took a few tries because I was still shaking a lot. Wipe up the blood. Wash hands again. Bleeding stopped when the stud went in. Shirt back on, go back downstairs. Now I'm back here and my typing speed is insane from the endorphines.. this is cool. I'm going to email this now I think. =) Just so you all know, it's not when it goes into the cartilage that hurts the most, it's actually pushing through the nerves in your skin on each side of your ear. Bit painful though VERY bareable. I'll meyybe do a revision to this as it heals (assuming it doesn't get infected) then after that I'll post about the industrial which I'll either get a freind to help me do or I'll have it done profeesionally. Note: This was NOT done properly. No clamps, nothing was properly sterilzed (ie: autoclave). It was done with a needle, not a bore. This is for education purposes only. Do not do it this way. I just kinda got bored and didn't feel like shelling out cash for a hole. =) Because it wasn't sterilized properly I'm hoping that all of the blood that bled did a relatively good job at cleaning out the wound. (p.s sorry any spelling errors)

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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