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Oooh, it's called a Tragus

e is Suzy. I am 19 and I live in a place called Dover in the UK. My Tragus is the first thing I've had pierced properly, with a needle, not a gun. I'll tell you the story. Well, I've seen loads of people with their Tragus pierced in London, and I decided that it's a really good place to have a ring. So, last week, I went to the place where I had both my tattoos done, because the people are really nice and I knew I'd be in safe hands. The person doing the piercing that day was a girl called Becki. I asked her if she could pierce that part of my ear and she replied, 'Your Tragus? No problem.' Wow, I didn't know it had a name! Ooh,it's called a Tragus. I asked how much it was and was told £15. I was told I'd have to wait a while because she had an eyebrow to do. So I sat and waited for ages and was getting worried because I'd only payed for an hours parking. Then just as I was about to change my mind and run out of the studio, she came out and told me it was my turn. She had earlier given me some stuff to read about how they will do it, and now I had to sign a form giving her permission to pierce me. I was a bit worried because she looked quite scary because she had piercings all over her face, but after talking to her for a couple of minutes, I really trusted her. I went into the piercing part of the room and she told me to sit on the doctors style bed. She talked to me a while, telling me how the needle will only be used on me and that she would put it in the sharps bin afterwards. She told me that all the other things like the clamp and ring were sterilised. I was really glad to hear all this, even though I knew this place had a good reputation. She then cleaned my ear with iodine and marked my tragus with some ink then she asked me if it was the right place. Yeah, I was happy with the location. Then she told me to lie down. She put on her surgical gloves after washing her hands, and removed all the sterile things from their packets. Then she put some cotton wool in my ear and then sprayed some numbing spray on my ear. For the whole of the piercing, all I could hear was the spray fizzing in my ear. She told me to take deep breaths and BAM! She'd done it. Mind you, I only knew she'd done it because she told me. I honestly didn't feel it! All I felt was her pushing my ear around a bit. So that was the worst part over and done with. Then all I felt was her pushing and pulling the ring into place and we were all done. She told me to lie there for a bit while she put all the things away and washed her hands again. She asked me if I was alright to stand up and I was, so I did. She showed me my piercing in a mirror, and I was so pleased. She told me all about the after care, and I bought an after care kit from her which had natural sea salt, cotton buds and tee tree oil in it. I then payed her and left, with another hole in my body. After I'd had it done, I went straight round to my friends house and showed her. I got all the questions about it hurting and I told her all about it. I was always thought to be a bit of a rebel when I was at school, and now that I'm in college, I'm keeping up my reputation. I told my friend that the next thing I'm going to have done is my tongue, and we both started laughing. When I got home, I announced to my mum that I'd had my Tragus pierced. I was delighted that her response was to say, 'Your WHAT?' as she looked me up and down. Well, it's a week later now and I must say that I have had some problems with my Tragus piercing. About 2 days after I had it done, that side of my face swelled up and I felt like I had ear/tooth ache. I rang up the piercing studio to ask some advice. Becki wasn't there but the other piercer John was there. He told me to go and see him. I turned up at the studio and John saw me straight away. He cleaned my piercing thoroughly and told me that I should see a doctor before the weekend. He told me to ring him every other day to tell him how it was healing and that he wanted to see me next week after I'd gone to the doctor. I went to the doctor and she was very unsympathetic. She told me it was infected and gave me a prescription for anti-biotics. I've been taking them for 2 days now and my Tragus is a lot better. John at the piercing studio said it was nobody's fault that it got infected, it's just that the Tragus is a very open place and air-borne bacteria can get into it. Anyway, as I said, it's almost better now and I'm starting to enjoy it. I haven't told my boyfriend yet. He'll go mad. I'm really pleased about the after care I got at the piercing studio and I think that it's really important that if you have any problems or worries about your piercing, you should be able to go back to the place you had it done, and they'll look after you. If you any questions, e mail me. Happy piercing Suzy

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Becki
Studio: The+Tattoo+Shop
Location: Folkestone%2C+Kent%2C+UK

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