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My industrial

ed something original. I already had a normal little loop in the cartilage and then it got popular. Then I got a septum, which is cool, but not really noticable with a retainer. So I was looking around BME(my Bible) and came upon the almighty industrial. Its name just makes me feel powerful. So, like always, I read the experiences and looked at the picutres and thought and thought about it til I decided that I was going to get it. One of the major factors was that I was in Hawaii and I wanted to get something to really remember it by. So, I walked down Waikiki Beach and came upon a little alley that said Skin Deep Tattoo and Paradise Piercing and had an arrow pointing into the alley. So, I walked in, of course, drawn by that magical call of shiny new jewelry. I asked her how much it would cost(another major factor) and she says $62. Inside I was like WHOA! Lot of money but outside I said Okay, I'm gonna think about it. So I did. Then I came to the conclusion that $62 wasn't really that bad. And I really wanted it. So I thought some more. Then I came to the realization of pain. My other cartilage piercing hurt like holy hell and I was about to get TWO more. But, as I thought about that, I decided pain is temporary, the piercing is forever. So, that out of the way, but still in the back of my mind, I decided to get one. I reread the experiences and whatnot. And got ready for pain. And for my dad yelling at me. He told me not to get any more holes in my ears, even though I AM 18 and about to move out. And he doesn't know about my septum, otherwise I wouldn't be here writing this, I'd be dead. So when he was gonna see my ear, he was gonna freak. But I put that out of my mind. Then, the day came when we were going back to Waikiki. On the way there(we rode the bus) a girl asked me about my ears(they are stretched to 8 gauge). She asked if they hurt and all and I said well, yeah, it hurts to stretch, but I love it. So that kinda made me happy cuz I love to talk about piercing. So we finally get there. I lead the way to the shop and look at my family and friend with a painful expression. They all follow me in and swallow up this tiny place. A girl was in there getting her eyebrow done so I had to wait. After she was done, the piercer introduced herself to me as Raquel. I told her what I wanted to get and she said Oh, I remember you now. Cuz she idn't know what I was talking about before, so I had to explain to her what an industrial was. As it turns out, she had never done an industrial. So she had to call the more experienced piercer from her home. So I couldn't back out now, even if I wanted to. :) So we wait, Raquel went to smoke a cigarette outside(thank goodness) and I sat there an looked at the jewelry. When Raquel came back, we had some small talk about, uh, stuff and whatnot. Then, the other chick came in. I never learned her name. So I sat my scaredy cat ass down in the seat and they started to investigate my ear. I decided on a 14 gauge barbell and the other piercer measured my ear to see where it was going to go. Once they had done that, they didn't even tell me! So I asked if they had marked it and they said yes. So I asked if I could see it. They gave me a mirror and I looked, but it was a little too low. I asked them to put it more into the helix of my ear and the second hole up more. So they remeasured and adjusted to right where I wanted it. Then, they started talking about clamps and everything and how they would pierce it and all this stuff. It was kind of weird, because they almost didn't know what they were doing. :) But I had a rough idea of what was going on, so I just listened. The experienced peircer kept on taking off her gloves, then having to touch my ear again and putting more on. It was kind of funny, but I was glad they used new gloves. So finally, they decided on how they were going to do it(freehand) and they were going to pierce it at 12 guage(they did NOT tell me that) but use a 14 gauge bar. That was the only problem I had. They didn't volenteer information. Like the placement and the gauge and all. It kinda made me mad, but they're lucky I like it so much. :) So. Raquel was getting ready to do the business. She got the barbell out of the pakcage and got a needle and some gauze and some little packaged wipe for me. Benz-chlorine something? I'd know it if I saw the name. This is when I started getting REALLY nervous and breathing all crazy. So the other chick told me to just concentrate on breathing, which I did and it really didn't help. :) So, Raquel put the tip on the needle on the back of my ear(she was doing the bottom hole first) and told me to take a deep breath in and then she was going to pierce me. I was holding my friend Mark's hand through all of those, By the way. So I took as big of a breath as I could because I knew once I stopped to exhale, it was going to happen. So I exhaled. And the needle went through. And it HURT! Wow. Then she put the barbell in and I'm just squishing my eyes closed. I said to my friend, real sarcastic like, Yay, one more to go. So then she was getting ready to do the next one, in the helix. So put the needle under my ear and told me to breath in again. So I did. And it hurt too. Oh man. She put the barbell in and I opened my eyes and asked for a mirror and my ear looked like an elf ear. It was all smooshed in because they hadn't put the ball on the end of the barbell and I guess they didn't want it to go flying off. So I close my eyes again as she screws the ball on and straightens my ear out. So I look in the mirror again and see my red ear with this kick ass barbell through it and smile like a dumbass. My piercer was nervous too, because the experienced one told her(duh) not to be nervous. That kind of gave it away. So I asked her if it was her first one and she said Yes. I asked her if it was good for her, trying to make a dumb joke and she said It was Awesome. So I paid her $62 and gave her an $8 tip. She took about three pictures of my ear, since it was her first. She was really happy and I was really happy. It hurt still, but it was bearable cuz I didn't kill myself or anything. I thought it hadn't bled but my friend told me it had. And I saw a little gauze pad with blood on it. So, it did bleed, which actually, I'm glad of, cuz it shows blood is getting to it and all. Now, a week later, it is not hurting anymore unless I hit it or lay on it or something. The holes in my ears look a little rough, like, the skin is jagged and all. But as it's healing, it's becoming smoother. I haven't been cleaning it with salt water or anything because it's pretty inaccessible, but I want to try soon. I pretty much now just run water over it in the shower and turn it. It looks like it's healing okay. It itches like crazy. I was used to sleeping on my left side because of my other piercing, but now I have to sleep on my right and that has taken some getting used to. When I read the other experiences, they said it hurt, but it was way worth it. I didn't believe them. But I told myself once you get it, you'll love it. And I do. I was afraid of the pain, but, like I said before, the pain is temporary and the piercings are forever. Go for it. Malia

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Raquel
Studio: Paradise+Piercing
Location: Waikiki%2C+Hawaii

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