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Daith @ BWP

Friday, I took my last differential equations exam. Math doesn't improve my mood much, especially when most of my time has been devoted to studying it. During my walk home from campus, I decided to celebrate the END of my last math class (EVER) with a piercing. As soon as I got home, I called Body Work Productions (in Cleveland, OH) to set up an appointment with Derek Lowe (for a daith) later that afternoon. A short nap and lunch took up most of the two hours before my appointment. I walked into BWP just before three o'clock, allowing a few minutes to fill out the paperwork and pay for the piercing ($30 plus jewelry, which varies depending on what you want). I was still a few minutes early and Derek wasn't quite ready for me, so I made myself comfortable on a couch in the waiting room. I sat there just long enough to get nervous (waiting at the piercing studio is always the worst part for me… I don't get nervous in the slightest until I've written down the piercing that I want). A few minutes later, Derek came out to get me (after putting on Depeche Mode in his piercing room… talk about being accommodating). By the time we walked down the hall and back to his piercing room, the nervousness was gone- he definitely puts me at ease (even if he does make me feel really short). I hopped up on the table and we chatted as hand washing activities commenced (Derek skipped over sterilization procedures and such because he knows I've been to the shop… and I've heard it all before). Gloves followed. And then came the cleaning and eyeballing of the ear. I knew I wanted the daith in my right ear- I was starting to feel a little lopsided. Derek took a little while to stare at my ear. I know I heard a "Hmmm…" or two in there. Then he decided to take a look at the jewelry (16 gauge 3/8" SSS CBR) to help with placement. A few minutes later, with the placement marked, I adjusted my position on the table to make my ear more accessible, and prepared myself to be perforated. I offered to have my tragus removed to make the piercing site a little more accessible, but Derek declined. I could feel a little bit of pressure/poking as Derek adjusted the position of the needle and got everything into place. Once everything was set up, I closed my eyes and Derek had me take two slow, deep breaths. On the third breath, I felt the needle pierce my skin. The sensation was not one of pain. It felt good, but strange. I was very aware of the position of the needle (which was something different for me- I'm usually pretty oblivious to it). Once the needle was through, Derek asked me if I was alright and I assured him I was fine. The jewelry transfer was fairly comfortable as well- I felt just a slight bit of pressure as the ring went through and was closed. Derek cleaned up my ear and I sat up… feeling very, very good (and again he asked if I was alright). After cleaning up and disposing of the needle appropriately, Derek found a second mirror so that I could see the piercing (with one mirror, I could barely see it, as the placement is fairly deep). I meant to keep track of the number of glove changes Derek went through during the course of the piercing… but I lost count somewhere around the time I felt the needle go through my ear (someday I'll remember to keep track the whole time). We talked for a bit after my ear was finished. Derek seemed a little surprised when I said that the process really hadn't been more than a little uncomfortable, and that was mostly during the jewelry exchange. Again, Derek asked me if I was okay… and I was feeling really good. I'm not sure if I looked pale… or if it was just my "I've had 6 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours and I need sleep" look, and I never bothered to ask. I didn't make Derek go through his aftercare routine (although he does a great job of it), as I had heard it before. One of my favorite things about Body Work Productions (other than the great piercers) is the environment. It's comfortable. I never feel rushed like I have in other shops. If I want to be in and out in under twenty minutes, that's not a problem (depending on the piercing, of course). At the same time, if I want to have some time to gather my thoughts or just relax for a few minutes and talk to my piercer, I know I can do that, too. Derek has always been eager to answer any questions I have, from stretching and placement questions, sterilization, and jewelry, to future body modification plans. After our little chat, we went out to the counter area and finished up my paperwork… I got to show off my piercing to another piercer in the shop and then I was sent on my merry way. Because the placement is rather deep, the piercing is fairly protected. This is definitely a good thing. I could sleep on my ear the first night (and every night since), and even use my right ear to talk on the phone (I don't have a lot of choice, since any sort of abuse to my left ear makes my healing anti-tragus piercings a bit grouchy). I use Provon to clean my piercing, and I use a sea salt soak for about ten minutes most days. Other than a little bit of blood during the first two cleanings (which wasn't a bit deal), I haven't had any problems. I love the way the piercing looks, and I think it compliments my ear, as well as the other piercings I have planned for that ear. If you are in the Cleveland, OH area and have the urge to get perforated, I would enthusiastically recommend that you head to Body Work Productions.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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Artist: Derek+Lowe
Studio: Body+Work+Productions
Location: Cleveland%2C+Ohio

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