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ear project: IT STARTED WHEN I WAS 15

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My friend had her navel pierced. She came to school with it and i asked her how she did it. she did it herself while talking on the phone with a safety pin. So i thought to myself, hey that sounds cool. So that night i went home and pierced it. It took about 30 minutes or so, with a small safety pin, and it looked like crap (partially because i have a big belly :) and partially because i didn't watch myself do it so it came out crooked and would have eventually migrated because it wasn't deep enough). It got infected after a day so i took it out. Besides guys don't normally (like we're all norma) have pierced navals. Okay so piercing number one (besides lobes) was a naval ring.


I had been wanting an additional earring so i pierced a second hole in my earlobe. It went in easy didn't hurt and the best part was is that i pierced it with a 14 gauge sewing needle so getting jewlery in was no problem.


The proper way to stretch a hole is either scalpel or gradual tapering. The improper way is pulling your earlobe down because you got your earing stuck on your sweater. It hurts and it doesn't let you put in normal jewlery. So i had to improvise. I let it close up and pierced it again, this time with a smaller stud. So one day my mum says to me, hey Matt, where is your earing? Well it was still there but it had gone in my ear and started going out the other side. i still have that stud somewhere i think its about an 8 gague ball. So you can imagine my shock.


I met a girl with her tongue pierced. From that point on i wanted nothing more than a tongue piercing. it looked amazing and it was definately not mainstream at the time. (this was around the time where naval rings were sorta cool and all other body adornments were really freaky). So i went home grabbed a sewing needle and pierced it. It didn't hurt and i didn't care too much. The problem came when i realized, what the hell am i going to put in this? So out it came and i had a very sore tongue for the rest of the week.


My urge to pierce became critical and i felt around on my body and decided it wouldn't hurt to ice up my scrotom and pierce that. Well i did and no pain at all. I used those little gold safety pins you find everywhere when you are looking for something more sturdy. So i started with one, and noticed how lopsided that was and moved to two. Well this was just not enough so i decided that three would be good. I ended up with 6 different ones. i was going to do seven but i couldnt get the last one in (i actually was trying to pierce my guiche at this point not really realizing what that would lead to). I loved them but the fact that i didn't expertly place them led to slight infection and one migrated after only one week. So out those came...


I graduated high school (by the way i was in the honor society and looked really geeky in my high school pictures i would probably beat myself up now if i wasn't wiccan) and moved on to college. I had the chance to get my tongue done on several occasions but it wasn't meant to be. Then i finally did it!


The tongue piercing didn't hurt and it looked cool (to find out more about this please see my story in the tongue section). Of course i needed something different after that....


I have a small black tribal dragon on my left shoulder. Yes it hurt, but it was very bearable. It didn't bleed too much (actually i liked the blood because it bleed perfectly in the shape of the dragon onto the bandage, I wish i had kept it it was like a negative) and it itched like hell. Its healed and i am sorry to say i don't really like it. Well I do, but since i became really truly wiccan i have wanted to turn my back into a big wiccan thing, with a pentacle and all the elements and creatures representing those elements) and it doesn't really go with the tattoo i want. Oh well i'll incorporate it somehow.


Okay after getting my tongue done a second time (you are probably saying to yourself, hey what's he talking about, well go to the tongue section and find out) i felt the need to pierce something else. Well after reading about male genital piercings on bme, i decided that a pa was for me. I will tell you right now that i do not have a huge cock but the piercer was really professional and tried to make me comfortable. So i'm on the table and thinking to myself oh the catheter is not going to hurt i've tried sounding and i liked it, boy i was wrong. no lube and having it inserted and taken out three separate times kinda ruined my nerves so by the time he pierced me i had no adrenaline left and i felt it bad. But other than alot of blood (it bled so much the first night that i borrowed a maxi pad from my girlfriend(i suggest that you try this if you get it done it is extremely helpful), my piercing is healing nicely.


I have always wanted to do something to my ears to accentuate their oddity. My ears are pointed, like an elf. I like them alot. I've wanted to get something done but i wasn't sure what. Well after my pa experience i've felt like i can tolerate any pain so i felt like i could handle cartilidge. My cartilidge is thick. I'm not just talking thick i'm talking thick. I also have the point. So ordinary piercings were out of the question. Besides i wanted something to accentuate the point. So my piercer and my friend felt my ears and decided that an industrial coming out of my point with a curved barbell was the thing for me. Well 70 dollars later i'm in the chair. My friend got plugs right before me and i'm thinking to myself oh forget the industrial lets do plugs. Well i think that might have been a whole lot less painful, even if he had scalpled out my ear lobe. so he pierced the first one. It hurt alot, but it was over in a second. The he moved down to about halfway down my ear and pierced the ridge. that hurt more because it was a different kind of pain, he said it was mostly my earlobe he pierced (remember how i said i'd done it myself before, well this was nothing like that). Then came the jewlery threading time. Because of the shape of my ear it was very hard to get it to bend. This posed a problem. He had to hand bend my barbell, and try to do it. He tried threading it about 6 or 7 times. Lets just say that HE said it was the most difficult piercing he's ever done and he's done alot. So you can imagine how much it hurt. if not, just imagine someone stabbing you in the ear over and over and over. After about 10 minutes all the tattoists came over to see what was going on. You can assume that peer pressure was not good for shaggy (the piercer) and that it didn't help at all. So about 15 minutes into the ordeal he finished. I had an ear project and shaggy took a picture (let me say right now that he took my pic when he did my pa because it came out really well) (let me also say that my friend with the plugs has about 15 different piercings and NO pictures at all!) You can imagine how delighted i was to have the picture taken for the book. He told me once again how damn difficult it was and we left.


My ear hurts. Not so much that i'm in constant pain. Just when i touch it. I also can't sleep on it. No problem though. Cleaning it is a chore because its hard to move it because of the shape of the barbell, but my girlfriend and i are managing. Next weekend i'm thinking about getting the eye of horus tattooed on my leg....

feel free to write me if you have any questions [email protected] i'm still looking for some hardcore guys in the ct area who want to have some hardcore fun.......


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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