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my first piercing

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So I decided that I wanted to get pierced... It was my 18th birthday (finally!) and I knew exactly what I had wanted...an industrial piercing. I had thought about it for weeks, spent countless hours staring at my ear, fantasizing about what it would look like, if I should get my left or right ear pierced or what.

So on the night of my 18th birthday, my friend Anson took me out to get it done. I knew of a few places to get it done, but I wanted to check them out first. So I went to this one place, primarily for tattoos, and some sleazy looking guy took forever before he helped me, and when I asked him about an industrial piercing, he just kinda stared at me like "what is this girl talking about?" So he asked me what I thought an industrial was and I showed him a picture, while in my mind I'm thinking about how I just wanna get out of there. I mean, the guy didn't even know what it was I wanted, did he think I would just let him stick a needle through my body?

So we went to two other places before I decided on going to JinxProof, in Georgetown. I kinda had my doubts about Jinx because most of the people there are just a bit rude, in my opinion. But there was a girl who I had never seen working before, and she was really sweet, so I decided it was ok.

"Ok," I said to Anson, who was waiting ever so patiently for me, "I'm gonna do it."

Then I fill out a bunch of papers all about how I'm not drunk or pregnant and whatnot and the girl tells me to go ahead and follow her, so I give Anson the thumbs-up sign and follow her into her little cubicle and pulls the curtain shut and starts explaining about the piercing. She showed me everything she was doing, and yeah, she changed her gloves about 8 million times, too. She asked me what gauge I wanted and I said I didn't know and asked her what most people got and she said that a lot of people got a 14g, so I figured that was ok. Then she showed me where a good place would be to pierce it and I agreed that it looked alright and then she did a few more things, like got the barbell out and cleaned and marked my ear and then we were ready. So she said I can sit up or lay down and I chose to lay down because at this point my heart was pounding and I was afraid I might puke or pass out or something. So I laid down and stared at the ceiling and she goes "Are you ready?" and I couldn't speak cause I was all worked up and nervous so I just nodded my head and then she counted to 3 and I took a deep breath and she stuck the needle through my ear, and I could actually hear the crunch of my cartiledge before I felt it, and yeah, it HURT, but it wasn't all that bad, it felt kinda stinging and hot mostly. Then she stuck it through the second part and that one hurt more than the top, but not as much as when she screwed on the ball. Yeck! Then she goes "All done!" like you've just got a shot or something at the doctors, and I sit up and look in the mirror, and it just looked really, really cool, I was totally in love with it. Then she explained about aftercare and gave me a bunch of papers to read and I practically pranced out of there I was so glad that I had done it.

Meanwhile, Anson had decided to get his septum repierced, so I had to wait what felt like eternity for him to finish, and the whole time, I was just looking in the mirrors at my phat new piercing, which has healed up ever so nicely and still looks very cool.

Of course, it was hell every time I rolled over onto the right side of my head that night, and I kept envisioning myself waking up to find a blood soaked pillow. So I didn't get too much sleep. It took about 3 weeks before I could sleep on my right side comfortably again.

Since then, I've gotten my nostril and a conch and 12g cartiledge piercing, and one tattoo, and thinking about all the other mods that I'm going to get as soon as I can afford them.

so yeah, that's my story. xo shannon [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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