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A Guy Named Mike Gets His Ears Pierced

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This might seem like a minor thing to some of you people out there that have piercings all over and a buch of tattoos but to get my ears pierced was pretty cool for me. First of all i am a 16 year old guy named mike and i got both of my lobes pierced at jersey devil tattoing and body pierccing with 14 gauge circular barbells. When i first asked my parents my mom said yes and my dad said no with a little talking and persuading my mom convinced my dad to say yes and she told me that i could get it done in the summer. So i bugged her every weekend until then to take me and she would get all mad and threaten not to let me get them done so i eventually stopped asking and just waited.

So a few months passed and yesterday mom said do you wanna go to get your ears pierced today so i was like sure and she asked me where we were going so we knew a few places we looked in the phone book got there number and called up to see who had there piercer in. We narrowed it down to two shops and we decided to go to Jersey Devil Tattoong and Body piercing in Blackwood New Jersey.

So we went there, it was a small little shop with a tiny little lobby with flash all over the walls and a little window where i ges they help you, and there was some girl getting her lip pierced and some guy getting a tattoo and someone in line for a tattoo so when they finished piercing the girls lip they cleaned up and did watever they do and they guy came out and asked me what i wanted, which was two 14 gauge cbrs but the guy said the tools to put them on or something were all dirty so he could do circular barbbells and i said that that is what i originally wanted but i couldn't afford it so he told me that he would bting down the price and went into the back again. Then he cam out with a clip board and had my mom sign the papers. We went in the back he had me sit in like a doctors chair and then he washed his hands put on gloves and got a q-tip and put something on it and put it on both of my ear lobes, then he got the marker and asked me where i wanted it on my war and i told him I don't know wherever you put thw whole you ar the piercer and he was trying to calm me down by joking around so he was like wat are u bein a samrt ass, then he placed the dot and told asked me if i liked it then i said ok. Then somewhere in there he washed his hands and took the needle out of the package. He was talking to me and stuff so i wouldn't be nervous then he took the clamp held it on my ear put the needle through took it out and put the jewlery in then he screwed the ball, which he was having trouble doing =) and then he got another needle and did the same process over to the other ear and i have to say that the first one didn't hurt that bad but the second one kinda did i jumped a little in the chair.

Then he told me the care instructions and then he gave me a card incase i forgot it was a very siple thing that i would do again anytime i would really recomend Jersey Devil Tattooing to anyone getting a piercing or tattoo in new jersey because even tho i don't remember the guys name he was really cool and they were really nice. it was overall a great experience and i am thinking about wen i should get a another hole in my left lobe. Ohh yeah if you guys were wondering for the piercings and the jewlery it was 75 dollars which i thot was a good price.

It is now about a week after the peircing and i have been cleaning it about 3 times a day and everythign is fine it doesn't hurt at all the onlly thing that is annoying is all these little scab things keeo forming and you have to pick them off besides that this is still for me a great experince. If you are thinking about getting something peirced and you are not sure i think you should go for it if you are scared or not it is definetly worth it cause it doesn't hurth that bad and wen it it done it looks phat as hell plus it will give you something to talk about next time you are with your friends.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Ear Piercing

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