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Lobe Stretching

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One day, after getting my ears re-pierced at Urban Xchange in Virginia Beach, VA, there was this one guy who walked in with what appeared to be huge holes in his lobes. This was the first time I have ever seen this type of body modification. Since I had never seen something like that before, I couldn't figure out how he can get his holes so big. Since I've always been a person who likes to be different than everyone else, I took some interest in this type of "thing"( I had no idea what it was called). When I got home, I searched on the Net and came up with BME. I looked at the ear piercing part, and I couldn't believe the stuff that was on here! I couldn't believe how big they could get their holes. But I was still interested in this "stretching" thing, so I kept browsing through. After seeing some pictures, I wanted to read people's experiences on this.

After getting a few tips here and there, I was ready to uptake this seemingly painful procedure. I figured I have a pretty good tolerance for pain, so I didn't think it would be a problem. My lobes were about a 12 gauge, and at first I wanted to stretch to about a 10 gauge or so. I went to the local arts and crafts store and looked for some knitting needles. I like them because the end is tapered, so it makes it easier to go in. I wanted to start with a 2mm needle, but the smallest they had available was a 3mm, and that looked way too big to start with. So I said screw it; I had no choice, and I wanted to start that same day. I got home, got what I needed, and I was ready to do my first stretch.

The first thing I did was cut the knitting needle down to about 4 inches or so. I cleaned it with alcohol, boiled it for at least 2 minutes, and cleaned it again with alcohol. I washed my hands with antibacterial soap for good measure. I lubed my lobe with a triple antibiotic ointment, and I put some on the needle too. The initial push was hard, but I finally got the tip through. At this point, it kind of stung, bit it was no big deal. I let it hang there for about ten minutes until the stinging went away. When I tried to push it through again, it wouldn't go in as easy. So what I did was I tried to 'screw' it in, turning it as I pushed it in. That helped a whole lot, and I finally got it through.

So now that I have this spike through my ear, I needed to replace it with something because I can't have that thing in my ear at work. As I was looking around for something, I found a pen. It was a normal Papermate pen. I opened it and took out the ink holder and cut off the top end where there isn't any ink, and I lubed that up and used that to replace the spike. It was real tough since it was a little bigger, and there isn't any tapered end, but I got it through. I was sort of happy because it was like my first mini flesh tunnel. Just seeing through my earlobe gave me such a rush.

I had this in for a couple of weeks before I decided to go a little further. I went back to Urban Xchange and found some 6 gauge acrylic plugs. When I came home, I tried to put one in, but it was way too big. There was no way I could fit this thing in, so I went back to UX and asked one of the body piercers what I can use to stretch my lobe. He gave me a black, spiked taper, which I though looked similar to a golf tee. I think it went up to a 00 gauge. So I went home, and lubed it up and tried to put it through. Now this one did sting a whole lot more than the knitting needles, but I was still able to push it through just a little more. I was afraid of tearing my earlobe, so I held back and left it in overnight. Since it was the weekend, I didn't have to worry about going to work, so I was able to leave it in.

The next evening, I was anxious to try and get the acrylic plug in, so I removed the taper and tried to put it in. Still nothing, so I put the taper back in, and just pushed it in a little more. I waited like 3 hours before taking it out. Finally, i was able to get the plug inside!!! I though it was so kool. I felt that same rush as before. Call me weird, but it felt sort of erotic. I was dying to do it to my other ear, so I went through the whole ordeal again.

3 more weeks passed by, and I was ready to stretch again. I went back to Urban Xchange, and bought 2 steel flesh tunnels. They were about a 2 gauge, but since they were flaired on either side, I would have to stretch up to a 0 gauge just to fit them in. So I bought them and went home and got to work. I went back to the taper, and shoved it right back in. This time I was feeling antsy for some reason, and I gave the taper a little extra mush and got it in a little more. I was hoping it would stretch enough so I can fit the flesh tunnel in and go out that same night with it. I waited and waited, and I even pulled it for a while. I was finally ready to get that flesh tunnel in, so I lubed it up, took out the taper, and tried putting it in. It was real tough, and it took me about a half hour to get it in. But I was so ecstatic once it was in. There it was: a bona fide flesh tunnel. The feeling I had was inexplicable. When I went out that night, I got a few compliments from the ladies on how kool it looked. Now I wanted to start on my other lobe. I couldn't wait for that. For now, I'm gonna keep it at a 2 gauge, and maybe go up to a 0 gauge in the near future.

If anyone is thinking of stretching their lobes, I say do it!! The feeling you get is such a turn on, and like I stated, erotic in nature. It doesn't really hurt, and any pain subsides in a few minutes. Just make sure you always keep the lobes clean. I usually use Betadine, and then some kind of antibacterial soap afterwards, and then lube with Neosporin or any other generic brand.

Any questions, email me at [email protected]



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on: 15 July 1999
in Ear Piercing

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