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A 17 year old's new piercing; an industrial.

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Piercings are my passion! Getting pierced has to be one of my favorite things to do. All together I've had six holes in each ear, but had to heal up three cartilage piercings due to infection. I also have my navel and tongue pierced. I am on summer vacation now so I thought that this would be the perfect time to get pierced again. Since I am still in high school I can't get any visible facial piercings like the lip ring I want and since I'm not quite 18 yet I can't get my nipples pierced. I had to decided on something else.

 I had been looking at piercing pics on BME's web page for a while

trying to find the perfect piercing for me. I finally decided on an industrial. I had only seen 1 other person with an industrial before, so I was stoked at the thought of having something a bit original. I decided to have the piercing done at one of the Fine Line Tattoo and Body Piercing shops in the Dallas area since I had gotten pierced there before and liked the atmosphere and the work. My boyfriend was wanting to get a tattoo so we decided to get it all done in one day, a Friday afternoon to be exact.

July 9th we drove to Fine Line (got there at 6:00 in the afternoon).

My boyfriend talked to a guy named Ray about his tat. Two other artist/piercers were there that day. I talked to them about how I wanted to get an industrial. They told me that Ray would be the 1 piercing me as well as tattooing my boyfriend. We filled out our forms and showed our IDs. I was the up first.

 He took us back to the piercing room and told me to clip my hair up

(my hairs to the middle of my back). The other artists came into the room with us as well. Ray put on a pair of latex gloves and set up the tray. He set out a 14 gauge barbell that was about an inch long, two 14 gauge needles with lubricant on them, a couple of toothpicks, and some betadine. He marked one toothpick to the length of the barbell then had me stand up and look to the left while he measured and marked my right ear. All of a sudden he said "Dammit, this barbell's not long enough." Luckily the store next door, The Gas Pipe smoke shop, carried body jewelry. Ray took me next door (I was lucky that they let me in). You normally have to be 18 to get in the shop, but since I was with Ray and I was getting pierced, I was okay. He found what he needed, a two inch long 14 gauge barbell. He paid for it, joked with the guy behind the counter, and took me back to Fine Line.

Once again we went into the piercing room. He put on a new pair of

gloves, marked the other toothpick to the size of the new barbell, and measured and marked my ear. He then had me lay down and turn my head to the left. He told the guys "there's two ways to do this, one needle or two." Everyone voted on one needle to ensure that my piercing would be straight. By this time I was getting pretty excited. The thought that I was about to get a new piercing was all that was occupying my mind.

Ray stood in front of my head holding the needle in his hand. He

asked if I was ready and I said "lets do this," he said "ok, here we go." Then I felt a some pressure as the needle was pushed through the first part of my ear. Not too much pain with that hole. He paused for a second while he lined up the needle with the second marking. I felt the needle push through again. This time I couldn't help but cringe. That one hurt a bit, but it wasn't unbearable. Ray asked if I was okay, I said yes. He proceeded to put the barbell through my two new holes. He screwed on the top ball, wiped away what blood had come out of my ear, and told me we were done. I laid in the chair for a minute then got up and looked at my new piercing in the mirror. "God, this is beautiful! A bit swollen, but perfect!" I said. I looked over and saw my boyfriend smiling at me in agreement.

I paid ray for my piercing and then he took me and boyfriend back to

the tattoo room and started on him. My ear started stinging a bit, but it wasn't too bad. After the tat was done and paid for we left, thanking Ray and the other guys for their great service. Then we headed for home, stopping off at a grocery store to pick up some bactine for me and lotion for my boyfriend.

That was 2 days ago. I've been cleaning my industrial 3-4 times a day

(the first time I cleaned it was hard because I had to get all the dried blood from around the holes on from on the jewelry). The swelling has gone down but it's still a little tender. Sleeping was hard the first night, but went a lot better the second night. I'm able to lay on my right side without immense pain. I still bump it every now and then and let out a little yelp. I have to be very careful with it when I brush my hair.

Overall I am very pleased with my new piercing.  Everyone who has

seen it says that it fits me very good. I am still also pleased with the quality and service of Fine Line. Ray was very nice and walked me through the piercing very well. He made me feel very comfortable before, during, and after the piercing process. I plan on going back to him for future piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Ear Piercing

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