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Inner Conch: For the really brave - or stupid

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For one, I am not a wimp. I have my nipples, navel, and nine ear piercings, of these which include a 2 ga. ear stretch and ear cartilage piercing. I love to get pierced, even to the point that I enjoy getting blood drawn.

I had seen a picture on BME of an inner conch piercing, in which the person had a claw poking through the ear, and all I could think is how cool the claw looked and how much I wanted it. I didn't want to have too much stuff in my ears, because I think too much is gross, so I figured this could be my big finale.

I went to Pigments of Imagination here in Phoenix, and talked to the piercer, a big guy named Matt. He approved of my choice, because it was something that he wanted to get done as well. I told him that I heard it hurt a lot, but he assured me that it's no big deal. Even though I just came to buy new jewelry for my nipples, on the spur of the moment, I said, "I want it done now," because he told me that in order to get the claw in, it would have to be at least 8 ga., which means that I would have to stretch the piercing once it healed after six months.

I was comfortable with Matt, because he had done one of my nipples, and I trusted his work. As he set up, he cleaned my ear, and marked it with a Sharpie, which he let me keep since they don't reuse pens. He used a flashlight to check for veins or nerves, and set up the jewelry, a 14 ga. ring with a wider diameter, and the needle with a cork at the end. As he wielded his needle, he said, "Now, I'm not going to lie to you, this will pinch," I took a deep breath, and he pushed it in. It had to be the most painful feeling I have ever experienced! More than all my other piercings put together into one blinding moment! I even gasped, and cried out "Oh, god..." in a really weak tone. Then he had to slide the needle out and put in the jewelry, and I was so tempted to make him stop. After it was done, it wasn't bleeding and I didn't pass out, but I laid on the chair for a few minutes until my heart rate returned to normal. Matt congratulated me, gave me the care info, I paid him and was on my merry way.

The ear piercing was more trouble than I thought it would be. It throbbed painfully nonstop for a few days, and there was no way I could take any pressure on it. If I accidentally slept on that side or something bumped my ear, I was in for a big shock. The wierdest part was, a week after the piercing, I awoke with my head, hair, neck, and shoulders drenched in blood. I got up and cleaned it off, went back to sleep, but I awoke two hours later to even more blood. I took a shower to clean off, but the bleeding just wouldn't quit! I ended up binding my ear with a cotton ball and band-aids, which, while stopping the bleeding, made me look like I was wearing a ridiculous hearing aid and plus the cotton fused to the blood clot, which hurt to peel off later.

Another side note to this beginning of my inner conch adventure is that I forgot to take in some of my lifestyle. This sounds off the wall, but I do kendokai, which is the Japanese martial art of fighting with bamboo swords. Anyway, in this you have to wear this tough armor, which includes a tight helmet. Even though the ear doesn't hurt anymore, the pressure of binding the helmet hurts, so I just grit my teeth and tighten my helmet with my ears pressed as flat as I could so that at least it won't bump and move around, hurting it more. Perhaps I would try to remove the ring for the few hours I practice, but I have too many earrings and removing the ring without hurting myself or bending it out of shape is impossible for me.

Well, there's the story of my inner conch, but it is far from over. I am still up to stretching it in December when it is healed, which promises to be even more painful, considering how thick the cartilage is. To be continued...

Jessica Jones [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Ear Piercing

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