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Carol's tragus piercing

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I am a 35 married mother of two children, I have been married for sixteen years. I work in a major hospital in Michigan, as a environmental services technician. I am in the public eye all the time but most people don't even notice how many piercings I have, I am up to twelve now, I am also done doing it. I have both tops of my ears done, my tragus on my right ear, and the rest in my lobes. I have my birthstone, my husband's, and my two kid's birthstones.

About four years ago supervisor who had gotten her tragus done, I thought it looked so cool. I had never seen it before, I didn't even know what that part of the body was called, let alone that it had name.Her son was dating a girl that worked at a earring place that also did ear piercings,that girl was the only one who the owner would let do the piercing in the tragus. She had done it to herself. After about two weeks I decided to get it done on myself. I went to the store to get it done, and was told that they wouldn't do it. After much talking, the owner finally decided to let her do it on me, but they would charge an extra $10, I said fine.She told me about all the problems I might have with it, the bleeding, the swelling, infection.I picked out an earring to go in and where to put the other one, just so I wouldn't have an odd earring. I picked out the other ear to get done.She put the dot to pierce, and I said fine. Now looking back on it, I should have had it done a little farther in, instead of out so close to the edge.She told me that she wasn't going to put the back on because it has a tendency to swell, which it did. She asked me if she wanted to count to three, and I said yes. She counted to three, and she popped the gun. It didn't hurt all, not like all the other ones I had gotten before. The sound of the gun was the worst part of the whole process. After she was done, it got so red and swollen I thought what kind of mistake did I make? After we got out in the car I thought I should put the back on the earring, just so I wouldn't lose it. it was so awkward I thought that this is going to be so hard to change the earring when I wanted too, but after some time and practice it became second nature.

I had an infection after a few days, I almost gave up because it hurt so much, but I am glad I didn't. I always get the usual questions, did it hurt, is it real? After the six weeks of so, I found a little gold hoop that I wanted to put in, instead of the stud. Getting the hoop in was so hard the first time, I had to put it in backwards, so I could get the hoop closed, otherwise I couldn't see to close the hoop.I had an idea of putting a charm on the hoop but couldn't find one small enough so it would look like I wanted it too. Finally, at a beauty supply store that they let the public into,(I'm also a licensed cosmetologist), I found a nail charm that was small enough to look good. It says (bitch). It is small enough that you have to get right in my face to read it, so I don't have problem with supervisors at work. Some people ask what it is, I tell them to read it, and they can't believe what it says. I have a few of them for later use, since it does get tarnished after awhile.

The only problem with wearing the hoop is I can't wear anything very big as far as thickness in the hole because it closed up to the size of the hoop wire, other than that I have not had any problems with it. I get compliments on it all the time.

In recent days, I've gotten more compliments on it. Most people think it is so cool, and I always agree with them, They find out that I'm the mother of two beautiful children, they wonder what kind of person I am. I tell them I'm getting crazier in my old age, they laugh at that. I told my boss that I just got to new additions, she asked me what did I get,I said I got two new piercings. She said she is too conservative to get any more than the one set she has. I also very short hair, spiky on top, longer in the back.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Ear Piercing

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