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Self Conch Piercing

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Doing my own conch piercing was a surprising experience. I was sitting in my room looking at my ears. I already had 13 other holes in my ear. I was thinking that I should add another one more interesting than my orbital in the lower part of my ear. And 13 just didn't seem like enough to me at the moment. I'm the type of person that when I want something I do it. And I REALLY wanted more piercings in my ear. I don't have enough money to go out and get all these pierings professionally done. I think the only piercing I had done professionally were my first holes and I was three then. So to do my own piercingsI just order what I need offline (which is way cheaper then going and getting them done.)

Earlier in the month I had ordered some piercing needles offline and decided I should use them creatively. And a conch piercing seemed creative enough to me. I had looked around BME many many times and remembered seeing a few people with a piercing called a conch piercing. I thought it looked interesting and that it might be a good piercing for me. I thought that it looked painful but then again I pierced my own nipples and I thought that if that didn't hurt that bad then this piercing wouldn't hurt either. I didn't know too many people around here anyway with that type of piercing. I don't know anyone around here anyway with as many piercings as me either. So I thought what the heck I'm going to do this piercing. Inside of me I was just praying that it wasn't going to hurt bad. I can take pain but I just wasn't in the type of mood for pain that day.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned off my ears and hands and went back to my room with a new piercing needle and a pair of rubber gloves (my sister's a nurse so i get endless supplies of these) and then stood up at the vanity dresser with the mirror on it and stood there for a few seconds. I put the gloves on and opened up the needle and pulled out a little 14 G hoop. The hoop was brand new too. I had found it online and decided to get it. It had a little silver ball with a purple stone in the ball. It was really cute.

I touched the needle to the spot where I wanted to pierce. It REALLY hurt bad. It hurt a lot less than I was expecting but none the less it hurt.

I was afraid this was going to be majorly painful. So I sat down and just breathed for a while. I do this every time I'm about to do a new piercing. I have to have it in my head that I really want it. I finally got up the courage and need for the piercing. I stood back up and looked in the mirror and started to push the needle through. It was majorly tough but after i broke through the top part of the skin inside my ear it didn't hurt so much. I got headache from the initial push because it was so painful.

I got the needle halfway through and stopped. It didn't want to go through my ear! So I sat down and put my first and middle fingers on the back of my ear where it was going to come through making a V with my fingers around the future opening in the back. I took my thumb and held it to the front of my ear and pushed the needle as hard as I could. It still was taking a lot of pushing.Not long after that the needle went through I had the hoop in and put the ball on the hoop and I had my very own conch piercing! I was so proud of myself (like I always am after a new piercing)

I went to sleep and slept on the opposite ear because I know you're not supposed to expose a fresh piercing to pillows on your bed. When I woke up in the morning I was surprised to find out that the piercing dind't swell at all and it didn't hurt at all! There wasn't even the ususal crusties you get with a new piercing. I cleaned it out in the morning before and as soon as I got there I got major reaction (like usual) to the new piercing.

It's been 4 weeks since I did that piercing and i'm quite happy with it :) I plan to do a few more in the area becuase 14 holes just isn't enough for me and why stop piercing when there's so much more flesh :)

-Lana (contact me at [email protected])


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Ear Piercing

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