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A simple lobe piercing. in 12 gauge....

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Well this is a rather uninteresting about a simple ear piercing. I

have had my left ear pierced for a year, an I had always wanted to get my other ear pierced just so that they would match. I decided that I wanted both of my ears to 12 gauge, my left is was 14 gauge, I had stretched it myself, since I had got it done at a mall. I know, it was stupid, but I didn't really know at the time, but it turned out ok, it didn't hurt at all, and it healed nicely.

So after I finally convinced my dad to let me get them done, I

started looking at all the piercing places around my area, and I settled on Smooth Groove Tattoo and Piercing, in Deep Ellum. I had talked to the guy on the phone, and he sounded pretty good, but I still had to see the place.

So finally I got to go to have them done. After looking for a damn

parking space for a half an hour, we walked down to Smooth Groove, and it was a much bigger place than I had expected, and it was really clean and nice looking too. So I told them what I wanted, and they said that it would a really easy piercing, and that there would be no wait. So I paid my $35.00 and mad my way down to the room. As I walked down to the last door on the left I started to get really nervous even though I was totally prepared for it, and I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. I guess it was more anxiousness then nervousness, I had been waiting so long for this. Anyway, I got down to the room, and talked with the piercer a little. He was really nice, and quite normal looking compared to most of the people that I am used to except for two maybe 00 flesh tunnels in either ear.

Anyway, he got me to lay down on the table and started to clean the

earrings that I had bought. By the way, If you are in the mesquite area, I recommend Hot Topic in Town East Mall for jewelry, they are the cheapest place that I have seen so far, although their selection is somewhat limited compared to such a large place like Smooth Groove. Well he cleaned my earrings thoroughly, and I noticed that he changed his gloves every time he touched something different, maybe a bit too careful, but I guess you can't be too careful now a days. He didn't use an Auto-clave to clean the rings though, but he did have sterile needles, and he drenched everything in a cleaning solution that I can't remember the name of. First he stretched out my left ear, which didn't hurt at all, much less then when I did it myself, which wasn't such a smart idea, even though it did heal fine. It seemed to take forever for him to get done with it and move on to the other ear, by this time I was REALLY anxious! He carefully looked at my ears and marked the other to get it aligned with the other, he told me to check it in the mirror, and I though it looked fine. So for what seemed like another eternity he cleaned the other ring again, and changed his gloves again. He got out the needle and a cork and proceeded to do it "the old school way" as he put it. I must say, it hurt A LOT more than I though it would, nothing really that bad, I didn't even winch, but I was like getting stung like a wasp. Then is was over, and he had to put the jewelry in, it took him a little while to get it in there, and I hurt while he as fooling around with the ball, but it went in fine. He told me to slowly sit up so I wouldn't pass out, I heard about it, but I didn't think I would come close to fainting. Well, I guess all the adrenaline went to my head, cause I almost did, but I didn't. I looked in the mirror, and the looked great! They did look a little uneven though. The right earring seemed a bit lower than the left earring, but now that they are healing, they seem to be getting more and more aligned. But if you do get piercings that must be totally even with on another, I urge you to check the marks thoroughly!

The place was great, and so far I have only had it for 3 days, but I

love them. I think that a week or tow after they heal I am going to stretch them both up to 10 gauge, I don't think it will go any farther than that, but that's what I said about 14 and 12 gauge. I really liked the place, and I am definitely going back soon to get my eyebrow or labret done. It was a really nice place and I would recommend it to people who want to have a piercing done really well. The only weird thing I noticed was the healing times on the sheet I had to fill out, it said 2 to 3 weeks for the ears, and a week for the tongue. I'm not too sure why the healing times are so short on it, but I'm going to leave them in for 6 weeks anyway. So if you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, or Mesquite area, I highly recommend Smooth Groove Tattoo and Piercing, in Deep Ellum.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Ear Piercing

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