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My Self-Pierced Tragus Experience (or how i spent my vacation)

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I bet you are thinking, "Why on earth would someone want to pierce their own Tragus?" I often wonder the same thing. As a matter of fact I just had the "I hate self-piercers" conversation with a co-worker the day before I decided to do all of this. Here is how it came about:

I was getting ready for work on Saturday July 3rd, and as I was browsing through my jewelry I came across a 16GA barbell that used to reside in my left eyebrow. I have tons of body jewelry which is odd because my septum is the only non-normal piercing that I have(my ears are done as well). So this thought occurred to me: "I should reuse some of this stuff." Then, I got this sudden urge to get my tragus pierced. Since I have experience in the ear-piercing field, I know how to heal piercings, and I knew what i was doing, I decided I would do it myself that night after work, since I had the 4th off to "recover".

All night at work I had that nervously anxious feeling. I couldn't wait to get home and do it. I swear that was the longest work day of my life!! But, finally the time came, and I got home. I quickly ran upstairs and got all of my supplies together into one big pile. (They were all sterilized, don't freak out).

Here's the dumb part. I picked a location, and marked it. I shoved the piercing stud through the tragus. I had no idea that cartilage was so tough. It took a lot of pressure to get it to go through the back part. So, here I am with a new hole in my head (like I need more), and now I had to put the jewelry in. I removed the piercing stud, picked up the barbell and tried to put it through. Well, I had forgotten how stubborn cartilage can be when it is freshly pierced, and I ended up losing the hole. So i decided I would pierce it through the back and then push the barbell in as i pushed the stud out. That idea didn't work either because it's hard to stick your fingers in your own ear to get good leverage. So, I went back in through the front. This time i actually suceeded with getting the jewelry in. Of course, it took about a half an hour because my piercing stud was about the equivelant of a 20GA and I had a 16GA piece of jewelry to go in there. I tried an 18GA ring too, but I couldn't get a good grip on it. By this time, I was sweating profusely from being frustrated with the whole ordeal, but it was over, so I was happy. I then cleaned up the blood from around the new piercing and went to bed.

Sleeping was no problem. I slept on the other side all night and only hit it once when I woke up the next morning. It is not sore at all. I'm following the normal healing directions for this sort of thing. I bumped it a few times today but amazingly it doesn't hurt one bit. It isn't red or anything. So, three holes and lots of blood later, I am adorned with this adorable little blue and purple barbell. It compliments my orbitals quite nicely.

Now, I can't wait to get my industrial done for my birthday. After all this trauma, I'm definately getting this one done professionally!

My advice to you, the reader: Don't try this at home. Go get it done professionally, it will save you time, anger, frustration, pain, and bloodloss. :)

thanks for your time

joDi [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Ear Piercing

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