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Industrial Piercing Experience

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About a week before my 18th birthday, I managed to con my parents

into taking me to get my navel pierced. After about 2 months, I began craving another pierce of some sort. I went for the tongue, which didn't turn out to be totally painful. About 4 months after my tongue...I realized that I was totally addicted to piercing, and I began looking for something else to do. I had tried a cartilage piercing before, but it got infected, and I took it out. I knew that I wanted something new on my ear though.

After some research, I decided on an industrial.  I managed to scrape

together some money, and I drove about an hour and a half with three friends from college, to the piercing shop. Well, boy was I in for a surprise. I got to the shop at about 7:15 and the closed sign was on the door. The shop wasn't supposed to close until 7:30, but there were still people inside waiting to get pierced. I went to the door, ready to raise hell, and I told my piercer Ron, that I had driven for and hour and a half just to get this done...and I didn't really feel like doing it again. He remembered me from before, because he was the one that pierced my tongue, and he told me that I would have to wait for him to finish his other piercings (2 nipples and a tongue), and of course I was happy to wait. I started getting pretty nervous because I had heard that this was an extremely painful piercing, and i'm not one for tolerating pain.

After about half an hour, Ron was ready to pierce me.  He took out

all the "equipment" that he was going to use on my poor little ear. He showed me that it had all been sterilized, and then he explained what was going to happen. I didn't really catch much of the explanation because I was so nervous, but from what I heard, it involved a hollow tube being placed against my ear so that the needle wouldn't hit more than one side of my cartilage. He cleaned off my ear and asked if I was all ready to go. I was so full of adrenaline that I just wanted him to get it over with.

My best friend and boyfriend watched the procedure....my other friend

was too grossed out to watch. Ron measured my ear and decided to use a 14ga, 1 1/4 inch barbell. He marked two spots on my ear and asked if it looked ok. I said yes and I was ready to go. He pierced the top hole first....and boy did it hurt. I could feel all the color draining out of my face. I thought my tongue was bad.....but compared to this it was absolutely nothing. The bad part was that I knew what was coming for the second hole.....I was just waiting and waiting...and then finally, he pierced the second one....and that hurt even more. Most likely because I was so worked up about it, but it still hurt like hell!!! He started screwing the balls onto the barbell....and let me tell ya, the pain didn't stop when the piercing was over. There was no sleeping for me that night. I couldn't touch my ear let alone sleep on it.

But I was so excited that I actually went through all the pain and

got it done. I am the only one at my college that has it done....I feel so different! It's great! I have had it for about 2 months now....And it hasn't given me any problems except for occasional bleeding. Until now that is.

Boy am I pissed off.  About a week ago I started noticing that the

amount of skin on the outer side of the top hole was starting to thin out. So I got all paranoid that half of my industrial was migrating out. I went back up to the piercing shop today, so see if my thoughts were correct. And that they were. I was told that the top hole was migrating, and that I should take out my industrial...which I totally do not want to do. I asked if I could get it re-pierced when it heals and he said yes, and that the scar tissue would help to keep this from happening again. Then I asked how long it is going to take to heal....and he said I should wait 2-4 MONTHS before getting it pierced again!!! I am so mad. I love my industrial and all, but this is such a pain. I am going out tomorrow to buy a smaller barbell that I can put in the lower hole, while i'm waiting for the upper one to heal again. That way I only have to go through half of the pain again.

So now since I have to wait for my ear to heal....I have been

thinking about something else to get....on my other ear. I'm thinking about a helix or an orbital. But only time will tell.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Ear Piercing

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