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sad tale of woe...sniff sniff

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My best friend and I didn't meat until our senior year of high school. When I think back on it now it is a real pity... the two of the us together would have ruled the school in our own little freaky way...at least in our minds. It is amazing that two people could go through their entire teens with out knowing that there soul sister is right around the corner...literally. We finally came together when we got scheduled together in a class. I couldn't help notice she was the only person in school with as many rings in her ears as me. After we finally started talking it just got better and better. Our similarities were scary, religion, human rights, the love of Greek gods, bust most importantly the need to be inked and pierced. With graduation in sight, we started making our plans. We would ride up to Atlanta the day after the ceremonies and get a tattoo to celebrate our new chapter in life. The day came, and off went our hats, along with us. We went down to Timeless Tattoo's in Atlanta Georgia. I was a little nervous, so she volunteered to go first, getting a shark on her chest. When she came back out she told me it wasn't bad at all. Mine wasn't painful at all, a simple black lizard on my ankle. After that, we both were hooked, trying to find unique pairings to go along with our new liberated bodies. I went on to have my tragus, both nipples, industrial, tongue, septum, upper cartilage and a 00 gauge stretching. Three years, 6 tattoo's and many piercing's later we are still the best of buds. Last year we went to our first tattoo convention together. It was great. So naturally we couldn't wait till this year to again. We particularly spent months planning and buying our wardrobe. We wanted to be the best dressed freaks there. Then an unfortunate thing happened to me. About two months before the convention, I had the inner part of my ear pierced. The piercer did everything right, as did I when cleaning it. Still, three weeks before the convention my ear started throbbing inside.

An earache I thought, so I wen to the doctor's and he gave me some ear drops.

One week later, the pain had increased. I could hardly stand it. Back to the doctor, antibiotics. Three days later, the pain in the inside of my ear was gone, no the back of my ear was throbbing and had swelled up three times its normal size, and I am not exaggerating. I waited two more days, since it was the weekend, to see if it would go down. Monday, back to the doctor. More antibiotics. This time he told me that the earring had become infected and we removed the ring. He told me that when the swelling went down I would have to lance the ear and remove the fluid that had built up in it. Two days later, the pain was overwhelming and the swelling had not gone down at all. Back to the doctor. Well, now he decides we need to go to an ear specialist. Gee, couldn't we have done that about THREE weeks ago? So what does she tell me? Well, I am going to have to go into surgery the next day, the day that we were to leave for Atlanta. Why me? Not only was three the news of going in under the knife, but I would be missing the yearly convention, and all top of all this mystery I must remove all piercing's, except my tongue ring, which would have to come out anyway the day of the surgery. My mom took me home where we removed all the jewelry. I sat and looked at the massive pile of metal, then picked up the phone to call my friend and tell her the news. I could barley get any words out with out crying. Just anyone of these things could have made me upset, but here I was forced all three of them at once. I expected my friend to be angry at me, because we had planned and planned for our trip, and were going to spit everything in price. But instead she was the perfect friend. She told me that everything is fine, we would just go next year. The next day I had my surgery. When I woke up from hell of surgery I just had my mom and my friend were waiting in the room for me, and were both very comforting despite the massive bandage I wore around my head. The next days really showed what a great person my friend is. She went to the zoo with me, again despite the bandage, took me out to dinner, and even bought me flowers. She has always told me how I was meant to be pierced because nothing ever went wrong with my piercing, yet hers always seemed to reject. Well, now I have two, and she still has her million. but I live through her. I don't want to scare any from getting pierced, I plan on having everything redone in a few years. But I just want people to be careful. I don't think there was anyway that I could have known that this would happen. And I also want to thank my pierced bud, Carmen, for being such a great pal, but watch your back, cause I am going to be the tattoo queen.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Ear Piercing

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