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My poor ears!

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This is my nice little story on how my ears came to be. I don't think many other people have done this before, but it looks really neat, and doesn't hurt much. I am a piercing/body modification fanatic, but because of my parents (I'm 14) and boyfriend (he can be very persuasive) I only have my ears pierced once, and my navel done. It is migrating out, and if it does I'm not looking forward to having it done again, especially with the scar tissue that will be there, but back to my story.

I'll begin at the beginning, because I tend to get ahead of myself sometimes. I never had any piercings at all until I was 14. I've always been scared of, but had a fascination with needles and that sort of thing. I hate getting them but I like seeing pictures of them, watching people get shots, etc.. Its just the way I am. I'm weird. But before I get ahead of myself.. I finally decided to get my ears pierced. Yes, I am a wuss. My friends finally convinced (forced) me to get them done. My parents had wanted me to get them done, but didn't force me. And they never did it when I was born, like most do. They left it up to me.

So finally, one night I went to the mall to get them done. I had never heard of BME, and thought a needle would hurt more than a gun. I didn't know any dangers. I assumed all piercings were done by gun! I learned later on at BME that they aren't, and guns are a stupid choice. So I went in, got my mom to sign for it, and sat down in the chair. It was Friday night, uh oh an audience! I was hoping I wouldn't cry or anything. So, the "piercer" let me select earrings. I chose little blue gold studs. She marked a spot, and it looked good. So she loaded the seperate cartridges into the gun (at least she didn't stick the earrings in the gun and possible pass blood on, the cartidges snapped in and were thrown out after) She rubbed my ears with alcohol and told me it wouldn't hurt. She held it over my ear, I heard a SNAP! and it was done. I was thinking "that was nothing!" and a horrible stinging ran through my ear. She rubbed some stuff on it, which eased the sting, and went to the other one. She repeated it, but it hurt more for some odd reason. my ears are really sensitive though.

I went home, took care of them, and they healed up fine. No problems at all, and the stinging was gone hours after. On Monday I went to school and excitedly showed off my new earrings. My friends were so proud. :) I changed them a couple weeks later, and discovered dum dum da dum BME! Its a really great find. Helped a lot in deciding my next piercing.

After an unsuccesful attemp at piercing my own navel, I got it done by a pro. Well, I don't think you can call him that. Its not through my navel, its an inch above it. So its a stomach ring, technically. Its also not straight, and migrating out. Yuck. It looks ok in my friends eyes, but I'm pretty sure I have to get it redone. I really like it, and not many people have one where I am.

I got bit by the piercing bug again. I bugged and bugged for and eyebrow piercing. But I had promised my parents and boyfriend no more piercings after my navel. So they wouldn't sign the forms (since I wouldn't go back to the place where I got my navel done. They had no forms at all so I coulda got it done, but my parents would kill me) I considered labret, septum, nostril and even tounge. But they said no every time. :( So I gave up and decided to alter my ears.

Well, one night I went to sleep, and the butterfly clip at the back got caught on something, ripping it nearly out of my ear! Ouch! I woke up and it was red and swollen. But it was a quick way to stretch it! My other ear was about the same size because I always play with my left earring. Its a bad habit but I gradually stretched it.

I came home from school and decided I wanted to do something to my body. First was an unsuccessful attempt to pierce my handweb, between my thumb and index finger on my left hand. My needle wasn't sharp enough, and it hurt, badly, even with ice. So I gave up on that. My parents would hate it. It would affect my horseback riding and I wouldn't be able to hold drum sticks for a few weeks. I gave up on that.

So I found a safety pin and held it above my left earring. I was going to pierce a second hole and loop a ring through both of them. That'd look cool, I decided. So I started to pierce. Ow ow ow ow ow! I pulled it out and didn't go on. I waited for my ear to turn white again and I thought of the idea I got to do!

I took a pair of hoop earrings, and my little silver flower studs. I removed my gold studs, since they are pretty thick, and put the hoops in each. Then I added the little flowers in, closed it. It looked awesome! 2 earrings in one hole! Later on that night I took my thick gold studs, a pair of silver studs and my hoops. I got all 3 in and it looks great. Hardly any pain at all! Only when I missed and hit above the hole with the end of the earring, it stung for a second. It looks like I have 2 holes with a hoop in a hole pierced below the first. I'll scan in a picture later! Thanks for reading!

San "I don't need cyber sex. AOL goes down on me all the time." http://altern.org/bits http://altern.org/insan


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on: 01 July 1999
in Ear Piercing

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