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Well, it all started on my 7th birthday.

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I always wanted an earring for some reason, when I was little, so, I'd ask my parents if I could get one for a birthday present.

After a few years they finally gave in, so, on my birthday, we went to the flea market to get it done.

Yes, as you would imagine, the flea market wasn't one of the best places to get a piercing, dirty, moldy, smelled like mildew, well, after a brief bit of window shopping we finally found the piercing place.

As if the rest of the place wasn't bad enough this place was stuffed away in the back corner of the building, dirtier and more stinking than the rest of the place thanks to leaking pipes, so, I sat down on this little stool and the guy hands me this board with all the different studs.

While im choosing with help from my mom (I was only 7) the guys putting on, thankfully, clean rubber dentist like gloves, and takes out the little red gun.

So, finally I choose the gold star with a plastic "ruby" in the center.

The guy takes out a box full of the studs and takes out the one I chose, loads it into the gun and puts it to my ear.

At this point im pissin' my pants, my first piercing, im a little kid and hate any type of pain no matter how little so I brace my self, grab the stool and tell the guy to do it.

He pulls the trigger and I feel a sharp, stinging pain stab through my ear, this is when I lose it and scream in pain.

Now that I look back on it, I don't know what I was crying about.

Well, the studs in and the guy cleans it with alcohol! OW!

The guy wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Well, now that its done with and my parents have paid the man were walking home and my ear is stinging for days, luckily, no infection.

The next day all my friend see my new earring and want one for themselves, by the end of the moth they all have earrings.

Now, heres how I got to a 10 gauge in seconds, me and my friends are playing a few weeks later.

Usual kid stuff, play fighting, wrestling, etc... anyway, somehow, the back of my earring gets shoved all the way into the hole!

So my mom fishes it out with a tweezer and alcohol. More pain.

So, now I have a nice long scar on the back of my lobe and when the wound healed, my earring didn't want to go in, so, we all think the hole sealed up for good, and we went on thinking that for years.

Then, about 7-8 years later, I decide I want to repeirce the hole, so I put my earring up to my ear to see how it looks.

I notice I still have a little scar that looks like a hole so I decide maybe it only healed up to a certain point and I can just push the earring through till I break the skin, yeah, smart thinking, I know (sarcasm) so, I try it, and instead of breaking skin, a huge glob of dirt pops out and the earring goes through! Yay!

Well, now ive got my earring back and I thirst for more, ha ha.

So, about a year ago, 9 years after my first piercing, for those who cant add, that makes me 16, I decide, im going to get three holes and have two on each side, so I go with my sister and my mom to get a few extra holes, sort of a family thing.

My sis gets two new holes to add to he four already and my mom gets two to add to her two now, its my turn, this time no gloves, no stool, just me standing there and a guy punching holes im my ears, first one stings a bit but the second and third I don't feel a thing.

Now lets get to the part how I got a ten gauge.

Me and my family are out eating in a restaurant, Thai food, my favorite, and after dinner im playing with a toothpick.

Since ive wanted to have a a larger hole ever since I went to a tattoo and body piercing shop in the village, the guy there gave me the URL to BME and saw how, in my opinion, cool it was I took out my earring from the first hole that was scared and slid the tooth pick right to the center of the stick.

I thought it was pretty cool, but it freaked out my mom and sis, like I cared, so a few days ago I finally threw away my toothpick and bought a 10 gauge ring and I don't plan on stopping there!

well, thanx for listening to my story(ies), hope you liked them and forgive my punctuation, i know it sux. ^_^;;

P.S. I'll try to get some pics to ya as soon as I can get some scanned by my friend.

-- Mike


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Ear Piercing

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