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My friend is the head piercer in a small piercing shop in my town called Tat2uz-N-Piercings. He has a bunch of piercings and one day I was in his studio(I had no piercings at that time) and some how we got into the discussion of ear stretching. He said something about how some mummies were found with very largely stretched ear piercings..like one was around 6 inches or so. I was totally amazed. I had been friends with him for awhile and I had the opportunity to witness quite a few piercings, including various ear piercings, navels, nipples, eyebrows, lips, tongues, cheeks, and a bunch of others. I also saw some ear stretching. One guy was stretched out to about 3/4 in. I think. I was totally shocked and awed by it. I thought about it for a month and I decided that I really wanted a REALLY big hole in my ear. When my friend brought up those mummies, I thought "That's what I'll get!!". I told my friend but he didn't think I was serious. He told me that he's never stretched anyone that big and he wasn't so sure if it could be done or if it was a good idea. I atleast wanted a piercing. I had been around piercings for quite some time and I really wanted one. My friend agreed to do it for free. I was a little nervous but I take pain pretty well so I wasn't scared at all. I got pierced the next day. I live about 3 blocks away from the shop so I walked there. I really wasn't too nervous. He greeted me at the door and asked if I was ready because it was my first piercing. I said yeah and we went back to a room in the back. It was very sterile back there. He washed the counters and the chair with some sort of chemical between piercings and he always used clean, sanitary methods. He never reused needles or sold used jewerly and everything that could be autoclaved was and the rest was soaked in special chemicals. He had me sit down and he looked for a good spot. He first used a liquid to sterilize the area where the piercing would be. Then he marked it and asked how I liked it. I had told him that I wanted it to be piercing at 10 gauge and that I might end up going bigger. Luckily I have somewhat large lobes and he marked it in a good location. He asked if I was ready and I said yes and closed my eyes. I felt him clamp the lobe like I'd see him to do other people and he told me to breath one big deep breath. I expected pain. I felt a sharp pressure on the area. It didn't really hurt...not what I thought it would be like. He said "Hold on" so I though he hadn't done it yet. I felt something else and then he said "Okay" and I opened my eyes and it was done!! I was totally shocked that a 10 gauge hollow needle didn't hurt more than it did. Like I said though, I can take pain pretty well. It did hurt, sorta, but not a thing compared to what I thought it would feel like. I loved it!! He explained what I would need to do to let it heal the best and that it was a very clean, straight pierce and it should be fine in about 4 weeks with proper cleaning. It was fine those 4 weeks, I did a sea salt solution clean a few times a day and used this anti-bacteria lotion stuff on it. It was healed before 4 weeks. I had a 10 gauge hoop and a neat blue neon bead. I decided not to stop there. I wanted to get the other one done. After the healing period, I asked about another one and he said "sure" About two days later, I got the right side done(my second piercing). It was just like the left but I think it hurt just a little more. I also let that heal and after it was healed I did some serious thinking about stretching. I loved my 10 gauges but I wanted to go bigger. My dad was a little shocked but he has 3 of his own piercings and didn't seem to mind that much. My mom and dad are divorced so my mom never found out. Well I thought about stretching and I told my friend and he said we could go to 6 gauge. So we did. It was about two weeks after both piercings were fully healed and I once again walked back to the shop. I went to the little room and my friend greeted me. I sat down and he began to work. He put some slippery stuff on the hoops I had and used the hoops to get the stuff inside my two 10 gauge holes. Then he took this huge looking stretching needle and put some on that too. He started with my left and it went in until about to the end of the stretching part of the needle. He told me that because of the nature of my piercings, the stretching would be easier than a piercing with a non-hollow needle. I felt a little pressure as it stretch the final amount!! It hurt only a little and there was no blood. He followed the needle with a HUGE 6 gauge hoop!! It looked so awesome. He did the next one and it went through easier. I loved how they looked so much!! They seemed to heal in about a week. I took good care of them. I loved the stretching so much. I was really into piercing now. I asked him about bigger stretching. He asked just how far I wanted to go..he thought I was joking! No, I was serious. About another week later I told him again that I wanted to stretch more..and big. I had seen people with these flesh tunnel things and I thought they were so awesome. I convinced him to stretch them again. So he did, just like before. And I got two 2 gauge flesh tunnels. My dad was a little steamed but not for long. He understood(go figure?). I thought it was so wicked to have these huge tunnels through my ears. About a week later I wanted to go bigger. He was used to stretching them like every week or so by now! Hehe! We went to 0 gauge this time. It was hard for him to get a 0 gauge stretching needle..if he had any idea what I wanted done, he would flip..because they don't make stretching needles that big..hehe. Well over the period of the next 3 months I kept on getting them stretched. I was at the 1.5 in mark and my friend was amazed. All of these stretchings were virutally the same, but larger. He had only ever stretched a hole to 1.5 inches. We had to use this special stretching thing to get to 1 in. We ended up using two to get up to 1.5 inches. I let my ears heal for a month after all that stretching. By now I was the talk of the town, which isn't the largest town in the world...it's sorta small. My dad actually thought my ears were cool but I think he was still a little mad or something. I went back to my friend after the month of healing to see about more stretching. He warned me(as before) about getting it too big). He said that it would never be the same and that future jobs I might have wouldn't accept me. However I have a permanent job working with my dad's company where I make $13/hour so I didn't really need to worry. I convinced him to let me stretch more. He had to consult a doctor and about a week later we were ready. He had talked with a piercing accesories manufacturer about 1.5 in+ stretching needles. They had made something like that before, but it was sort of hollow and they rarely made them. In my case I had to pay for them. They were only $10 each through my friend's piercing shop. So the day I stretched even larger was about 2 days later. I had become accustom to large stretches. This went no different. We used some of that slippery stuff and put some on my special needles and stretched them. I had perfect placement on the original piercings so streching didn't seem like a problem. I was able to order larger sized needles like the ones before. They were made very well and worked great. I always took good care of my piercings. I also had some custom made flesh tunnels made. I was getting everything through my friend and it was pretty cheap. Over a period of time I did more stretching..as far as 3 inches. Somewhere over this period of time I found the BME website saw this guy on there that had his ears stretched to where a woman could get her hand through it! I had never considered that but at three inches that was not a problem. It was sorta weird. I had my girl friend do it. She thought my stretched piercings were cool as she has many of her own piercings. Well I continued my stretching frenzy, as I call it. And I'm now up to FOUR INCHES!!!! It is so weird. Many people think it is strange and gross. I did it really for the purpose of people's shock and because I liked how the big holes looked. I've really grown to love the huge holes. I love piercing. Well I've had some more piercings done but I don't think I'll stretch the nearly as much. I have my tongue and nipples done and I plan on getting my septum, nose bridge, and/or my labret pierced. I saw someone with like 00 gauge nipples once..I doubt I'll do that. But as for my 4 inch ears(Is that a record? I guess I still need to beat that mummy dude! Hehe.) who knows how big they'll get. Let me just say something to the people who want to get stretched lobes..I got to my 4 inch size because I did it slowly and correctly and because I took very good care of them. Because I got the piercing done with a hollow needle(I would never use a piercing gun!), because my lobes seem to be the right size, and because of the excellent placement and help from my friend, my stretching worked. If anyone plans on getting a big stretch(maybe not my size, but still big).. just be aware that it is a BIG(hehe) responsibility and do go to a good piercer for it. Talk with them to make sure it would work for you. And get it done right. Oh, and for the larger stretchings we had to use multiple stretching needles, as a four inch diameter needle is basically impossible to make!!!

Also, if you get a lobe piercing, have the piercer use a hollow needle. It goes straighter and it is a perfectly round incision, not a small tear that a stud will make(which usually isn't straight). Additionally, a hollow needle removes a section of skin so that when you stretch, the skin tenstion is much less because you are stretching and area where the skin is removed and not just poked and stretched. Hollow needles allow for faster and better healing. Some people think they hurt more but they aren't so bad. Have fun with your piercings!! I know I sure have!!!!!!

Jared Nach [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Ear Piercing

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