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lobe piercing experience from a wuss

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Ok, so I don't actually remember my first lobe piercings. I was only 2 weeks old when my mother had them pierced, as was the tradition in my family. Since then, I'd only gotten 1 more piercing; my tongue. The tongue piercing did not really give me any idea of what kind of pain to expect from any piercing going through my skin though. Since the tongue is a muscle, I felt almost nothing when the needle went through and the after pain was the worst part. So when I decided to get more lobe piercings, I really had no idea what to expect. I asked friends, I read the letters on BME, but I'm such a terrible wuss that I was convinced the pain would be greater for me. :). I decided I wanted to get them done anyway, so I made up my mind and went to Artistic Armour in Tampa, Fl to talk to Chuck who had pierced my best friend and her boyfriend many times, and who is a registered nurse to boot.

I went on a Monday and Chuck wasn't in until Wednesday so I talked to

his apprentice about it and she told me they could do 2 more holes in each ear all at once. 4 holes at once...phew. It sounded crazy for a baby like myself, but I'd made up my mind and I wasn't gonna back down. I said I'd be back Wednesday. I called my best friend so she would come with me, and she told me she would get both of her traguses done at the same time. I was psyched to have a piercing buddy.

On Wednesday I went and met Chuck. He's the coolest piercer I've ever

met. He's an older guy with a great personality and my best friend had gone to him for nearly all of her other many piercings so he was extra-friendly to us. We went through all the paper signing and ID checking formalities and went into the back room a few minutes later. Chuck had laid out my earrings; we chose four 14 gauge captives with black beads. And he had 4 separate sterile needles laid out along withe other piercing tools. Seeing them made me rather nervous, but I was in there and ready so...

I hopped up on the dentist-looking chair and got mentally prepared.

phew. Chuck talked me through it. He marked the holes on each ear. First the left, which he thought were perfect the first try. Then the right, which he had to re-align because my ears are a bit different from each other. he used a purple marking pen for this process and showed me the marks after to make sure I liked the placing. I was satisfied, so we got down to business. He used the forceps on my ears and placed a cork in back to take the needle on the back side. He told me when he was pushing through so I would be ready. It wasnt too bad....at first. The second one in the right ear hurt a bit more. Then he started on the left ear. I had a small cyst in my left ear which he had to go through. He warned me it would hurt considerably more, and it did. But not as bad as the fourth one. Having him talk to me and tell me what to expect really helped me prepare myself for each one. For someone who was relatively new to piercings, I was fairly brave during all 4. My best friends hand was quite squeezed and sore, but other than that I was showing no signs of pain. It was all over VERY quickly. Chuck moved deftly to keep me from having much time to think about the pain. I was totally confident in his ability and expertise. And his RN degree hanging on the wall didn't hurt either. :)

What did hurt was the throbbing in my earlobes after i left the

piercing place. It wasn't bad enough to stop me from going through my everyday activities but it did hurt enough to give me a bit of a headache. Chuck only told me to get the holes nice and soapy and wet once a day and rotate the rings in them, wiping off any crusties. Easy enough. The first couple days, it hurt alot to have to move them around, even when they were all soapy. The left ear, that had the little cyst, hurt more than the right. It's been about a week now and both ears feel nearly completely healed, although Chuck told me they wouldn't be completely healed until about a month after piercing. So I'm still sleeping flat on my back so I don't cram them into my pillow. Other than that, they are fine and feel normal.

So I've got 3 holes in each earlobe now, and I'm *quite* pleased with

the way it looks. My earlobes look cute and tough all at once. My next order of business is a tragus or helix, if I work up the nerve. I'm sure Chuck can get me through it. I would reccommend him to anyone. He's a nice, knowledgeable piercer and he got a chicken like me through 4 holes all at once. :)

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Ear Piercing

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