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My Acrylic Stretch

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Last summer I decided, after going to a big show and seeing so much of it, that I wanted to stretch my lobes a wee bit. After THE longest talks with my parents about it, they finally said I'd be allowed to, as long as I did the usual when I ask for something like this: research it and make a little write up of all the consequences, make the appointment and find out information about the piercer. After all this, they said okay and it was underway.

The next day, I called the AWESOME piercing studio, Skew Skin, in Windsor. The man that does most of my piercing and stretching is on BME - his name is Syx and he's the owner of the shop. He showed me some 10 gauge earrings with which I'd be starting the whole process, and then was incredibly patient with the stupid questions my mom and I had to ask. I bought them for $30.00 per earring or so (can't remember exactly, it was so long ago) and then started to walk out. Syx's girlfriend shouted to me that Syx would put them in free of charge becase he had better equipment and I"d probably just hurt myself. So he lubed my lobes, and tapered a bit and then 10's went smack dab, right through. The pain was bad later and I was close to passing out in the car just from the pain of it. But they were awesome. I couldn't budge them because they were SO tight for about a month and a half, but after they ruled.

I always told my parents I'd be getting 4 gauge plugs. I think it made them want to die but oh well. So just a few days/weekish ago, I was in Ottawa & Montréal for a class trip. I vistied Agitrop piercing in Ottawa and then Oblige in Montréal, and found the coolest 6 gauge, neon yellow, acrylic, captive bead rings, for $10.00 per unsterilized pair. I brought them back to my hotel, cleaned them with alcohol first and then boiling water (wearing gloves the whole time) and decided at this point to practice self-mutiliation. Darn aren't I smart:

Starting off with a straw, I crumpled one end up to a 10 gauge size about and started to get it into the hole. This was hard so I slathered on some Vaseline to help her through. The straw slipped in slowly and painfully, so I then, near the end of the straw, threaded one end of the earring into the straw, so they were connected. This part's the worst coming up: I pulled the straw through with as much possibly force I could conjure up and found myself hearing a weird noise and thinking, "Holy crap it's in!!" I couldn't believe I did it myself. It was so scary doing this whole procedure with no profession help that I was shaking to death. I did this once again on the other ear, you know, conisdering I had 2 earring holes to fill.

I think that they're great, but the first day - Lord!! The lobes were so swollen that they kind of jutted out from my head and stood out a wee bit. Everyone noticed them these days considering that they were about 3 times the size they usually are. The lobes were red and uncomfortable to the touch. It doesn't help that some kid on my bus thought it'd be kinda funny if he decided to slap both sides of my head from behind, shouting, "Hey did that hurt, Lyz?" No, not at all you freaking moron. They hurt like mad and forGEt about sleeping on them. Yeah, right! Pus pours out once in a while but is actually doing better for them. Probably just driving out some gross crap. I clean them by taking them out once per week and lathering the hole and the earring with a non-scented, non-deodorant soap. Ivory works but it's a bit perfumed which is alright since my piercings aren't easily aggrivated.

I usually clean as much as I can, especially if they hurt a bit. I twist the earring as much as I can to break off little crusties and scabs holding the earring stationary.

About a week or so after having them stretched, I realized that there was a layer of dry skin forming above the hole around both sides. I didn't know what to do about it really because I had never encountered something quite like that before. I just stopped using ANY hydrogen peroxide (although that was very seldom) because I know it's a real un-moisturizer sort of thing.

Tomorrow night, being a week 1/2 after this 6 gauge stretch, I'm travelling to Skew again to get some stainless Steel 3/8" CBR rings (6 ga.) due to the fact that these acrylics are so light that the hole is stretching slowly and very little. Because there is no weight to pull them down, they're pretty much sitting in one spot, pissing me off. Even if you do move them around a wee bit, they sit there and don't flop back. Which, really, is pretty stupid looking. Syx told me if I ever came with acrylic in a hole, he'd kick me from here to tomorrow, so hopefully I can hide it somehow. :-)

To anyone considering the actual stretching or upgauging: do it! It's a fun feeling; sort of a burning, hot sensation that lasts about an hour and then just fades away the less you think about it. They look so awesome compared to boring little hoops, and they're a real "conversation peach" if you're in a jam. My only problem now is that all my other earrings look a tad stupid at their 20 gauge size or so compared to these. Hm, maybe there will be some new mods in the near future.

If ANYONE would ever want to chat piercings or if you have questions for someone who won't bitch at you for not knowing the answers, I'll help: E-mail Lyzzie at [email protected]

P.S. - if I could do one thing differently, I'd do the 6 gauge stretch with metal first, THEN switch to acrylics.

La Fin!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Ear Piercing

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