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Sewing Needle Pierce

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I had my lobes pierced at the local mall with a gun while in Junior High. They quickly became a problem; constantly angry and swollen or even infected. I lost one gold earring down the sink from the only pair of studs I owned that did not irritate my ears. The hole quickly closed up after being left without an earring overnight, and I gave up on the other lobe, removing the remaining stud. In High School I wanted them re-done, but my mother would not take me to a tattoo shop, only back to the mall. After the problems I had with the cheap piercing gun studs before, I wanted to go to a professional to have rings put in to begin with. The studs had always been uncomfortable, I thought I might have even been allergic to the cheap jewelry that was used. I considered doing both lobes myself with a sewing needle, but I have thick earlobes and I worried that I would be unable to get the holes placed evenly. I chose instead to do a practice piercing on my right ear, above the lobe, since I had wanted one there anyway.

I collected my tools: an ice cube, some alcohol, and a thin sewing needle. I would attempt to do it freehand, I couldn't take the idea of trying to jab it through in one shot, even with the traditional potato behind the ear. I held the ice cube to my ear to numb it, wincing at the icy pain. My fingers were becoming numb faster than my ear, so I gave up on the ice and took a deep breath before picking up the sewing needle. The first push barely entered, resisting the tough frozen flesh. I began to work the needle back and forth, slowly pushing it through. Halfway in it got stuck and refused to penetrate any deeper, my wet and frozen fingertips slipped as I tried to coax it just a little farther. I stared at the needle in the bathroom mirror, completely frustrated. It looked like a scene of acupuncture gone wrong, a needle swinging from my ear, the tip barely in. As my skin warmed, the feeling returned. Even thought there wasn't any real pain, it felt like a heating coil jabbing my ear instead of a sewing needle. My ear was beginning to turn bright red, but I was determined to finish it. I fought with the thin sewing needle, pushing as hard as I could without my fingers slipping. I could feel the sharp tip of the needle through the back of my ear, but I just couldn't seem to get through the outer layer of skin. I pushed again until I heard a satisfying pop, when I finally broke through the tough skin. I smiled, relieved that I had finished it. Now I wondered what the best way to get my earring in would be. I pulled the needle back out, since I was having trouble pushing it forward. I didn't have a CBR to put in, since I couldn't go to a piercing shop to buy one. Without Internet access to order one, and the fact that no local stores carried them at the time, I had to improvise. I used instead a small silver hinged wire hoop, and had very little trouble fitting the wire into the small hole I had just created.

The sewing needle created a much neater hole that healed much more quickly than those done at the mall did. After a week the scab and most of the crusties were gone. I no longer had the problems of swelling or difficult to clean butterfly backs that the gun studs had given me, not to mention no more sharp studs poking my skull when I tried to sleep on the ear. After three weeks I had no problems with it at all. Even after my evil little sister ripped it out, (long story) it quickly healed up again without any scarring or angry reaction. Some people were squicked that I stuck a needle through myself, but it wasn't so terrible as some would think, not much worse than tweezing. (One of the practices I consider much more masochistic than piercing.) I just told them that I wanted it badly enough. (As many impatient under age kids do, I wanted it right now.) My Mother was not happy at all, but didn't give me too much grief, besides the usual reaction of "What next, a plate in your lip!?"

This is one of my favorite piercings, and has never given me trouble since I did it. I later added four more holes to my ears with piercing guns that always took longer to heal, and three professionally done piercings: one upper cart and two nipple piercings. I now prefer to leave my piercings to the professionals, but I have never regretted doing this one myself.

lore [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Ear Piercing

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