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inner conch experience

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I have wanted to get my inner conch pierced for awhile now because of how cool it looks and how relatively unique it is (right now at least), and I finally decided to do it. I have 13 other piercings but I was kind of apprehensive about this one because of all the experiences I had read about it on BME and how much it hurt. So, I decided to just see for myself how bad it was going to be. I went to my regular piercing salon where I have gotten all my other piercings and I told the woman at the counter what I wanted to get done. She went to the back and got the piercer and while I was waiting I was getting a little nervous. I noticed that a tattoo artist had his inner conch done so, I asked him a few questions while I was trying to decide if I really wanted to do it. He basically said it hurt like hell but that he had no problems at all after it was done. I was getting a little scared because he said it hurt a lot, but then I asked if he had his nipples done and if it hurt more than that and he said that he would never get his nipples done because it would hurt too much. After he said that I knew it couldn't be too bad because I have had my nipples double pierced and those did not hurt too much.

The piercer came out and took me into the back room and I decided on a 14g barbell to put in my new hole. I sat down in the piercing chair and he began to mark the place where it would be in my ear and I decided that the mark looked great. I took a deep breath while he got the needle and other things ready. Then when he was getting ready to pierce me I told him to wait a second. I sat there for a couple of minutes, I guess mentally preparing myself for what was about to be done to my body. It was strange because I had never hesitated with any of my other piercings, but after a few minutes I was ready. He was very patient and told me he would do it whenever I was ready. I was finally ready and he told me to take a deep breath in and then to let it out. At this point I was grasping onto the handles on the sides of the chair with all my might and when I exhaled he poked the needle though my ear. All I really felt was pressure. It was nothing I thought it would be! It was much less painful, but there was a lot of pressure, and I was so glad I had decided to get it done after all. It was a little uncomfortable and a tad painful when he pushed the needle all the way thorough sliding the barbell in but I lived. I always find that part of the piercing process the worst. It did not bleed or if it did, I did not notice it. I paid and he gave me some provon to clean it with and told me how to care for my new piercing, and then I was on my way to show the rest of the world.

It throbbed a little that night but it was bearable. I took some Advil for the throbbing and it helped. When I cleaned it for the first time, I soaked it in warm sea salt water to help loosen any dried blood or crusties that had developed. The soak felt good and soothing to my ear, which was pretty sore. I clean it twice a day with provon and have continued to soak it in warm sea salt water. It has now been about two weeks and I think my ear is healing just fine and I am using only the provon twice a day now. It is still sore to sleep on, but I think that is to be expected. I can sleep on that side but I just can't put a whole lot of pressure on my ear. My friends all think I am a little strange for getting my inner conch pierced but they all think it looks really bad ass. People that see my ear do stare at it but that does not bother me, although it does take some getting used to because all of my other piercings are not noticeable with my clothes on. Like I said it has been almost two weeks since I got it done and my parents have not even noticed it because I keep my hair covering my ear when I am at home. I mainly do this because I don't want to hear their comments. Just letting anyone know that this piercing is not too noticeable if you do not want it to be. I definitely think that this piercing kicks ass and anyone who is contemplating getting this done should do it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Ear Piercing

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