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Telefina's Vertical Industrial Experience

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So here I was, a while ago, knowing that I wanted to get something in my ear pierced, but I couldn't decide what... So I looked around BME a bit and looked at a couple magazines and couldn't find anything that REALLY appealed to me... Eventually I figured I'd just get a rook or anti-traegus or something. Then one day I was at Experience the Beauty in Winnipeg, Canada (the only piercer I'll go to, at least in this city..) and was looking through his portfolio because I was bored (I had gone to pick up my purple machined titanium eyelets...wooooo) when I came accross this picture of a vertical industrial. I fell in love with it IMMEDIATELY. I waited for Jason to come out and told him I wanted one.

First I had to order the jewellery. I have a nickel allergy so I have to get everything done with either niobium or titanium, which works for me cuz I get to be colourful right off the needle [bat...k, nevermind..]. I ordered a rainbow barbell with a dark blue ball on one end and a torquoise ball on the other. Then I waited for about a million years for it to come in, since it's a custom piece and I suppose took them a while to make. Finally, it had come. I was so excited to think of what it would look like in my ear, I couldn't wait at all. I made the appointment that day.

A couple weeks passed (I was on a trip so I had to make it for a while in advance) and finally it was Wednesday. I was psyched all day. Then when school was almost done and I got called to the office to get a message that the appointment had had to be canceled because Jason was sick. Disapointed? noooo, not at all.. but I understood.

A couple days later, I made a second appointment. Waited a few more days, finally it was Tuesday. Again, I was psyched all day.. No message from the office, life was good. When I got there, they were right on schedule and I went in almost immediately.

They started by cleaning my ear with that brown gook (probably betadine) and then some other stuff and then some other stuff.. It took quite a while to get the ear cleaned up because there were a quite a few spots that needed to be done. Finally they finished that and begun the placement. Since I have a non-perfect ear with a lumpy top or something, he decided to do it at a little bit of an angle (from the ground, that is) so that it could go into the skin straight. He spent like 15-20 minutes drawing dots and re-drawing and asking Susan, his apprentice/wife, if it looked straight and all that. After he was happy with the dots, he got some Q-tips with the ends cut off and held it up to the dots, in the ear, to make sure it would be straight. It was.

He put down some plastic and paper at the head of the table (well, kinda a table.. actually, I think it's a massage table or a doctor examining thing), in case the piercing bled. Then he got me to lay down and he showed me all the things he was going to use, with all their autoclave markings. I only half looked because I'd been there a million times (give or take 999,985).

It was time to actually make the holes. He started by putting the dull end of the needle against the skin so I'd know where it would be or something (actually, I have no idea why... he told me but I forget). He instructed me to take deep breaths and not think about the needle (YEAH RIGHT!). He pushed it through nice and carefully and slowly. Ok, now I've been pierced at least 15 times, both with guns (ears only) and needles. I have my traegus done, and that hurt a bit. The first hole on the industrial wasn't tooo bad, considering it's thick cartilage. The sound was extremely gross. By the sound, I had this mental image of my flesh blowing into a bunch of bits when the needle came out. Obviously it didn't, but try and tell my ear that...

He asked me if I would like a few minutes between holes or if he should just go ahead and do the next one. Wanting to get it over with, I told him to just do the other one. He slipped an extender thingie in the back of the needle so that it would reach the bottom. To make the piercing the most comfortable and make it look the best, he moved the needle around a little bit to see which was the most comfortable for me. When we had figured that out, he put a bit of sterile lubricant on the top of the ear and needle to make sure everything slipped through nice and easily. He again instructed me to take deep breaths. Now, this one hurt like a sonofabitch... The first one, I had the adrenaline pumping, some endorphins going, and all that. Nature's natural painkiller. Obviously, it used them up on the first one because for the second hole, I had to clench my teeth and close my eyes to bear it. Fortunately it was over quickly, but not quite quickly enough.

At that point he asked me which bead I'd like on top, blue or green. He knew me well enough to know I'd have some preference and after thinking for a sec, I decided blue on bottom. I don't think there was any particular reason, I just did. He got everything ready for the jewellery insertion, and did it. I didn't even feel it go through the second hole, just felt like one big slide-ey thing in my ear. They let me lie there for a couple minutes and then Susan screwed the bottom ball in. They let me lie there for a few more minutes while Susan showered my ear with cold water. Boy, did that ever feel great.

Jason was incredibly surprised at how little it'd bled, only a little spot on the bottom inside. I don't think I was, I don't drink (much) and hadn't taken any tylonol/asperine in ages... I'm an Ibuprofen gal (it's a period thing). He told me to watch it for the evening and next day for bleeding... I watched and watched but it didn't do anything, so I went on with life. He gave me the cleaning sheet and reminded me of the important things and the little details and all that and then finally let me stand up. He asked me if I was dizzy and all that, and I felt fine. We managed to wrap the whole thing up in an hour, which was surprising because I've had single holes that took that long. I payed and we all left (it was closing). I spent the evening with a friend of mine (who had come along to make her naval appointment) and finally ended up at home.

Overall, things went well. It didn't hurt the first night, and the day after was ok too. Then because it didn't hurt when I was cleaning it (I'd thought it'd be bad, the traegus had hurt SO much to clean afterwards), I got a bit careless and was doing the movement really fast, which didn't bother me then but I'm now regretting. Cleaning it this morning was quite painful, but still not unbearable. The piece was done very well, as professionally as anything I'd ever gotten there. The placement is nice, although it's not all that noticeable.. Perhaps that's good because I have a job interview tomorrow, and have to figure out how to cover up my ears :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Ear Piercing

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