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Fun for the ears

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I had my first ear piercing when I was just a baby. A few weeks old to be exact. I didn't remember it at all. When I got into 7th grade, I was noticing a lot of girls getting their ears double pierced. I was afraid of doing it since I had no clue what the first time felt like. So, one day at good old Wal-Mart, I asked my mom if I could get mine doubled. She let me of course, and that was that. At this point in time my mom and grandma were into piercing others ears by themselves. You should see how many holes are in my brothers ears where they kept messing up.

Then came my 18th birthday. I was at the mall shopping with what is now my ex boyfriend. He kept asking what I wanted, then I saw the "Piercing Pagoda" in the middle of the mall. My best friend had just recently had her left cartilage pierced. I was like 'Woah, that'd be cool to do.' So I told him what I wanted and he complained for a while then we went to get it done. I had to buy both earrings and the piercing was free. The lady asked if I wanted only one done and I almost said yes until I thought, Man, I'm buying two earrings and and only using one? I'll lose the other one, so I went for both being pierced. She rang us up and the anticipation was growing. People were standing around watching to see if they wanted to get theirs done, so I guess I was the role model of the moment. Finally, she had me come around and sit down. She cleaned my ears and put a black dot where she was going to pierce it. I said it looked fine and she prepared the gun (That was scary watching) and she placed it and bam. Slight pressure, but no pain. But I knew the next ear was coming. The exact same. She told me to clean it with the Antiseptic that we had to buy with it and I was on my way. I walked around the mall without moving my head. I guess somehow afraid that my ear would fall off or something. I could feel my ears growing hot. But never felt any pain.

I went home and showed my mom. She wasn't angry of course. I have long hair and brushing it was awful. I had to be super careful not to hit my head with the brush, and hair kept getting tangled around the back of the earring. That really hurt to pull out. Sometimes it would get caught on my shirt when I took it off, but other than that, It never hurt. I did have to sleep on my back for the fact that I couldn't sleep on either side. I cleaned it nightly with the aniseptic.

After 6 weeks I decided to put hoops in. I went to the mall and bought two hoops. I went home and I tried putting them in myself but it hurt so bad. I had to have my mom help, which wasn't much help cuz she wasn't very careful. After a week or so after that, the back of the piercing grew a huge bump. I had no clue what it was and my new boyfriend was concerned. He held me down one day and poked it with a needle. Puss came pouring out. It hurt, but felt very relieving. After about 6 months, they feel fine.

But that's not it.. Easter 99, I was out at the mall again with my best friend and I was like "Cool. Lets go get something pierced." Since we didn't want to drive 40 miles to a piercing place, we stayed there and decided on cartilege. My friend got two done and I got two done. I now have 2 cartilege in both ears. These don't hurt at all. And I know how to handle them since I had already gone through two before. I can sleep on my side because they absolutely don't hurt. It's May 9, 1999, and I have had no problem. I cleaned them for about a week then gave up because I lost the anispectic.

My next goal is my belly button. I pierced it before by myself and my ex boyfriend ripped it out cuz he hated it. I more or less want to get it done professionlly to hide the big scar. It's gross.

And if my new boyfriend will never let me, I want to get my tongue peirced. He thinks its really disgusting. He might enjoy it though!!

One last note, if you're thinking about cartilege, go get it done! Doesn't hurt and makes you feel better about yourself. Well, it did me.

Amanda Night@flink.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Ear Piercing

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