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Ear Electro Surgical Cauterization

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My name is Toby Casey. I received my first piercing 4 years ago this summer ('99). I have now been pierced 27 times with 19 of them successful, I have 2 tattoos, 1 brand, and experienced one tension (like a suspension only you just put in a hook and tie a rope to it, and pull). On April 25, 1999 Steve Hayworth was in Houston Texas at Taurian Body Piercing. A year and half ago he had did my brand, and I figured, "why hell, why don't I have him cut my conches." I got off work that Saturday night, and took off to Houston. (I live in Huntsville) If you have ever wondered what the best way to have large gauge jewelry in your conch, well Electro Surgical Cauterization is it. If you have any questions about it, I hope after reading the passage below they will be answered.

Step 1. Marking. This is relatively self-explanatory. You can only have a piece of jewelry that is so big inserted into your conch. It all depends on the size of your ear; this is definitely something you should consult with about with your Piercist if you are going to be bringing your jewelry with you. I wanted 0 ga but we could only fit 2.

Step 2. Grounding you out. A large metal lined pad is placed on you arm to ground you out, so as to complete the current from the scalpel.

Step 3. The incision.

There are 3 basic layers to the ear, a layer of skin, then cartilage, and then another of skin (fig 1). He first must remove the first layer of tissue. This is done when the scalpel, which looks like a straight sewing needle with a handle and a wire coming out of the handle, gets 1/16 " away from you body and due to the fact you have been grounded out by the pad on your arm, the circuit is completed and the electricity arcs over to the body in the form of a spark, or what could be compared to a little bolt of lighting (I think it is about 2700 degree F, I could be wrong, but it is damn hot). It is so hot that it vaporizes the skin that it comes in to contact with into smoke and a little bit of ash. In short bursts he vaporizes the tissue little by little, layer by layer. This hurts like hell, but is not the worst part.

But this is. Once through the skin the cartilage is exposed. (the inside of the hole is now white, there is no longer any skin, so he is looking at your soon to be vaporized cartilage) He then vaporizes the layer of cartilage about 3/4 of the way through.

He then blasts a hole through from the back all the way to the front of you ear leaving a small hole. By doing this it makes it easier, and faster to vaporize the tissue do the fact he does not have to vaporize the middle area. He cannot do this to begin with because I really don't think that even the average person that would be up for this would be able to take the pain long enough for Steve to hold the scalpel on your ear long enough to push it all the way through. (fig 2)

At this point he finishes vaporizing the rest of the cartilage away, which does not take too long.

He then burns away the little bit of the remaining flesh on the back of the ear; this does not take too long either.

Step 4. Insertion. He then just takes a taper the size of your jewelry and inserts the plug or what ever jewelry you happen to be using and you are on you way home.

Comments: The entire process for my left ear was about 15 minutes, the right ear was a bitch, but the second one always is, it took about 25 minutes. As for the pain factor, I did not know that this kind of pain existed, but is well worth it.

The next morning: I had the right ear punched about 6 months ago but it would not heal, and was still hurting really bad 5 months later, and right after I got it done if somebody looked at it too hard it hurt, (needless to say, that piercing is among the 7 that were not successful) but today as I type this (54 hours after getting the cuttings) it feels as it my ears are bruised pretty bad. They are not real pretty right now, but what can you expect. I gave them a salt-water soak a few hours ago and that makes them pretty happy, and aspirin has been enough to knock out the little soreness that I do have.

Total assessment: It was the worst pain that I ever experienced, I thought that I was going to die, but if you want it done, this is the way to do it, and Steve Hayworth is your man. Steve, thanx man, you are the shit, not to mention a fucking genius.

P.S. I was stupid enough to fall victim to the rumors that Steve was facing lawsuits because he fucked some people up, well to thoughs of you out there telling them, fuck off, and to thoughs of you that are hearing them, don't believe them, they are all lies. Mr. Hayworth is the shit and knows what he is doing, I trust him with my body and will be trusting him with my dick for a subinsicion some time in the near future.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Ear Piercing

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