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Conservative girl packs a punch...in the tragus

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I can't remember where I first saw it or when, but ever since I saw a tragus piercing (and I think I've seen it on maybe 3 other people in my entire life) for the first time, I knew I wanted one. I mean, I didn't even know it was called a tragus until I went and got it pierced. I have 3 lobe piercings and a cartilage piercing, very standard and mainstream...and boy was I sick of it. I debated it for a while, considering the monetary and societal consequences. Most of my friends and family thought it was a stupid idea and some people even claimed they thought it'd be really ugly, but I decided that this was something I really wanted to do. Just to let you know, I'm about as conservative as they come...I have blonde hair, blue eyes and am donned in head-to-toe prep attire.

My sister came to visit me at Northwestern for the weekend. She was an "ear-piercing specialist" over the summer at Claire's, so I knew she'd be happy to go along. So, we went down to Belmont to the Swank Body Modifications (http://www.swankbodymod.com/), the piercing specialists at the Chicago Tattooing Company (I highly recommend this to Chicagoans). A few friends on my floor recommended Swank's services. I filled out the forms and perused the tattoo catalogues as I waited to be called in. Okay, so I get called in and Hank, the piercer greeted me by taking my jacket and my sister's as well. I was overwhelmed by the professionalism and the concern for me Hank showed. I was so at ease. I think getting my lobe piercings was a lot more stressful because I knew the level of training the employees had thanks to my sister's description. He carefully explained all of the cleaning procedures and exactly what he was going to do during the few second procedure. Asking me whether I had any questions every few minutes.

He examined my ear and picked out the correct gauge size for my ear, which wound up exactly the size I wanted and had me select a bead...I chose a small blue bead. Then he started cleaning my ear and carefully explained everything he was doing as he was doing it. I must add that everything was, of course, immaculate. My sister started to get nervous and asked to leave the room...I guess she didn't want to see a needle go through my ear. I thought it very strange that she couldn't handle seeing me get my ear pierced after her 3-month stint at Claire's, but it was alright with me that she left. Then it came time for the actual piercing. He had me take deep breaths to help me stay calm, but I was very at ease, as I already said. It took perhaps 10 seconds. It took longer for him to close the small hoop with a bead than the rest of everything.

I bled a very little bit. Wasn't ever a scab. The pain was minimal, I was expecting it to be a lot worse. In the end, when people ask how painful it was, I explain that getting my cartilage pierced with a gun hurt a lot more. But I was so excited when it was finished. Hank gave me information sheets and his business card and implored me to call if I had questions about anything in the world concerning my ear. Then I paid him the $50 for the jewelry and services and left with an ear-to-ear grin. I ran around Belmont's resale shops excited as a little kid on Christmas. I loved my new piercing soo much!

I was very diligent about cleaning my ear well twice a day with Bactine as directed. For about a week, there was quite a bit of swelling and my earring was kinda horizontal with respect to my face instead of vertical, but the swelling went down and my ear has healed nicely. A week after the procedure, I got a card and another business card in the mail from Hank, wishing me and my tragus the best. The treatment I received from Swank Body Modifications has definitely made me sing their praises all over. I've referred many friends to their services.

It's been 6 weeks and I'm still in love with my little hoop! I have gotten so much feedback, mostly positive, on my piercing. My sister was kinda against it in the beginning since she had envisioned a stud instead of a hoop, but she really liked it. My parents were a little upset, but I'm 19 and make my own decisions now, and they respect that. I've gotten mixed reviews from friends, but most people think it's really cool. But most importantly, I love it. And of course, I caught the piercing fever quite some time ago so now I'm saving up money so I can pierce my navel. Piercing can really become a disease...but I'm running out of places I'd want pierced. I'll be sending in some pictures of my piercings as soon as I get them developed.


[email protected] http://pubweb.nwu.edu/~ese066


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Ear Piercing

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